Photography by Lab L Arts

Serenity Light Recovery is the beacon of light and hope that guides our clients towards lasting recovery. We know that you have many options when choosing the right treatment center for you or your loved one. Our Houston area treatment center was created as a cozy and serene environment with a wide range of evidence-based programs and therapeutic amenities. The landscape of our Angleton treatment center promotes relaxation and inner peace after combating a life of chaos. While our addiction treatment programs are essential on the road to recovery, our Houston treatment center boasts beautiful landscapes and peaceful views that allow our clients to focus completely on themselves and getting well so that they can live the life they deserve. To learn more about Serenity Light Recovery and view our tranquil Houston area treatment center, check out these images of our facility and let the photos do the talking for us.

We strive to be your beacon of

Hope and Light

Do you feel inspired by the pictures of our facility? Want to visit our Houston treatment center? Want to learn about how our Angleton treatment center can help you or a loved one? Call Serenity Light Recovery today at 855.658.6109 to learn about our drug and alcohol detox programs. Have questions? You can also check out our FAQs page to learn more about us and our facility. We understand how scary entering rehab can be, so let Serenity Light Recovery become the beacon of hope and light you need.