Chances are; you might feel as if you are getting punished for your drug or alcohol addiction when going into treatment. This is especially the case if you constantly feel lonely and find it hard to open up to counselors. If you feel that way, a group therapy program in Houston TX might just be right for you. This form of therapy can also help to boost your chances of recovery even when engaged in other types of recovery programs. After all, mixing several therapies helps you to understand your addiction better and sets you up for a much faster and solid recovery. However, you should choose a productive recovery community.

 The Concept of Group Therapy

Such groups normally consist of people with similar problems such as grief, anxiety, or drug and alcohol addiction. For addiction problems, group counseling treatment can be done individually or coupled with other types of therapies such as medication and individual counseling. More therapy types sometimes have greater comprehensiveness and hence, greater chances of success.

Key Benefits

The main concept of group therapy is the creation of a safer sharing environment. In the presence of peers or fellow recovering clients, you can easily:

  • Feel hopeful. Normally a group has members at different stages of recovery who mentor each other through sharing their experiences.
  • Eliminate the feeling of loneliness. Interacting with several people undergoing similar tribulations helps you acknowledge that the problem is universal and not individual.
  • Learn to express yourself.
  • Learn better interpersonal relations. This is because group therapies build a culture of honest feedback and members care about each other.
  • Imitate and recover quickly. You can take tips from other members who have had successful recoveries to smoothen your own recovery process.
  • Get a sense of belonging. Group therapy cultures cohesiveness amongst the members meaning that you will feel more accepted.

How a Serenity Light Recovery Community Works 

You will be included in a recovery community in Houston TX of about 7 to 15 people undergoing addiction treatment under the guidance of a qualified therapist. And, even though there is a therapist guiding the meetings, they only act as moderators and never dominate over you and your peers. Their work is to create and ensure the flow of topics, and they also allow you to pick the topics you feel comfortable to discuss.

Other treatments include

people are part of a recovery community

Happiness group of people huddle and smiling together


The facility has a land spanning more than 10 acres to allow you to feel more inspired to recover with minimal external distractions.

You might fear to take the right steps towards alcohol and drug addiction treatment due to the stigma or feelings of loneliness that can envelop you. However, a recovery community ensures that you are accepted and supported by your peers. It is as such easier to grow with them and have an effective recovery. Call our offices at 855.658.6109 to ask about this and other therapies that can make your recovery journey more comprehensive.