Did you know that six in every 10 American adults experienced trauma at some point in their lives? Many of these people numb their feelings and the resulting life effects of trauma through substance abuse. A wide range of events can cause trauma, with addiction often starting where the right therapies do not take place. So if you are struggling with addiction and have experienced trauma in the past, you need help from a rehab treatment center that provides trauma-informed care and trauma therapy for a real chance of lasting recovery.

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What Is Trauma?

Trauma is a broad term for negative life experiences that bring lasting effects. This trauma results after one event or multiple events in your life. The common thread in trauma and lasting symptoms is the existence of an apparent threat at some point in your life that caused physical, emotional, spiritual, and social damage. But the cause of the actual trauma differs from person to person, just as its effects vary according to each individual.

Some types of traumatic events include:

  • Witnessing crime
  • Childhood abuse or neglect
  • Domestic violence
  • Sexual assault or molestation
  • Military combat
  • Bullying
  • Physical injury or accidents

Trauma effects include an ongoing sense of fear, helplessness, and vulnerability. Much of the condition’s effects form around the natural human “fight or flight” response to life-threatening situations. You become hyper-aware of your surroundings and tend toward behaviors that naturally shield you, such as isolation. But your trauma effects also likely added to your substance abuse problems, maybe even leading you down that path of self-medication in the first place.

What Is Trauma-Informed Care?

trauma-informed careTrauma-informed care and trauma-informed therapy address how trauma affects your daily life through the symptoms it causes. This type of treatment also recognizes how the trauma led to your substance abuse and eventual addiction. Finally, this care forms a clear path from your current situation in addiction and trauma symptom chaos to greater stability after the right trauma-informed therapy.

In your trauma therapy program, you need a range of methods and approaches. After all, one type of therapy does not bring breakthroughs for all people. So you find your biggest changes through an individualized treatment plan that considers your trauma and addiction from multiple angles. This means you go through a range of therapies that start in medical detox and continue through residential or intensive outpatient rehab programs.

At Serenity Light Recovery in Angleton, Texas, our addiction therapy services include following the steps of a 12-step program for support, healing, and relapse prevention. You also receive cognitive-behavioral therapy (CBT) and eye movement desensitization and reprocessing (EMDR) therapies. These address your trauma and negative behaviors to bring about positive changes and help you develop better coping skills.

Working with trauma-informed therapy staff means this staff understands your needs. You receive the compassion and support needed to work through your past along with the guidance necessary to shape a better future.

Trauma Treatment for Lasting Addiction Recovery at Serenity Light Recovery

Near Houston, Serenity Light Recovery provides trauma-informed addiction treatment in a peaceful, supportive environment. This treatment includes:

Through the right treatment for your trauma and addiction, you can build a healthier, happier life in recovery. You simply need trauma-informed care and trauma-informed therapy for these positive changes. That treatment takes place at Serenity Light Recovery in Angleton, TX. Call the caring professionals of Serenity Light Recovery now at 855.658.6109 to receive the help you need for healing your past, present, and future.