No single type of addiction treatment works for everyone. This is why you need detox and rehab treatment from a facility offering individual treatment plans, an array of therapies and addiction education. Through these approaches, you receive treatment tailored to your own needs. Learning about addiction, in particular, helps you understand your needs and improve your quality of life.

What Does Addiction Education Teach You?

group receiving an addiction educationAddiction education is a major part of understanding how substance abuse affects your life. In your educational sessions of detox and rehab, you learn many facts about drug and alcohol abuse, how to recognize addiction and the effects of substance abuse on your body and mind. You also learn of addiction’s consequences on your health, family, relationships, finances, and freedom. Finally, you gain an understanding of how and why you risk relapse, along with skills for preventing that journey back into despair.

If your family member is undergoing rehab treatment, education about addiction also helps you. These problems tend to run in families and certainly present a risk for relapse. So your family-oriented addiction education enables you to understand why and how your loved one struggles with their substance abuse, in addition to signs of active substance use. You gain an understanding of how to support them in their detox and rehab treatment, as well as in healthy recovery.

For many people, education about addiction includes learning in counseling sessions. You go through individual, group and family therapy. In these settings, you learn about different subjects, coping skills, disorders, and needs for healthy sobriety. You also learn communication skills and how to build the future you want. Of course, your education also guides you through your treatment, helping you know what to expect.

Why Do You Need Addiction Education?

As the old saying goes, “Knowledge is power.” So education plays a major part in helping you gain power in your recovery. You learn how to avoid relapse, stop substance abuse if it starts again and how to get the help you need in the future. You also gain access to other programs beyond rehab, as part of your at-home support or aftercare.

Many people have little understanding of the true nature of substance abuse. Even people who abuse some drugs or alcohol do not fully understand their own risks.

Adding to misunderstanding or lack of knowledge are confusing new laws governing substances once illegal, now condoned. All of this unknowing, change or misinformation confuses people and makes them believe that drugs or alcohol pose little risk at all. Educational sessions help people understand the risks of substance use and addiction, to avoid more problems in the future.

With a more in-depth understanding of your problems and behaviors, you start making better life decisions. You experience a lower risk of relapse. You also learn how to manage medication use for safety and continued sobriety, when you need medical care. Regardless of your age or background, all of the points covered in rehab education provide a clearer picture of your needs for the future.

Where to Gain the Substance Abuse Education You Need

In Angleton, Texas, Serenity Light Recovery provides a wide range of therapies, education, support and programs for your best recovery from drug or alcohol addiction. Addiction treatment programs at Serenity Light Recovery include:

For your best chance of a brighter future, turn to Serenity Light Recovery for the addiction education you need. Contact Serenity Light Recovery now at 855.658.6109 for more information and treatment options.