client and therapist discussing Kratom AddictionDerived from a plant that is native to parts of Africa and Asia, kratom has become substantially more popular among Americans in recent years. Depending on the dosage of the drug, kratom can produce effects that are either stimulative or sedative in nature. As the drug’s use becomes more widespread, kratom addiction is emerging as a big problem throughout the United States.

Some people swear by kratom for its ability to provide a boost of energy. At low doses, the drug generates feelings of euphoria. At larger doses, the effects of kratom include pain relief, relaxation, and a warm flushing feeling.

Frequent use of the drug can lead to kratom addiction, which is a serious matter. People are trying to kick kratom typically complain of withdrawal symptoms that include emotional swings, muscle pain, aggression, anger, runny nose and an inability to fall asleep.

Kratom Addiction Side Effects

Officially characterized as a dietary supplement, kratom tends to be a tea to consume. People also consume it by chewing the leaves of the plant or by ingesting an extract. Users typically begin to feel the effects of kratom within five minutes of taking it. The effects last for several hours.

The long-term use of kratom tends to produce a host of dangerous side effects. People struggling with kratom addiction frequently report suffering from constipation, weight loss, insomnia, dry mouth or anorexia. In some instances, users notice that their skin tone becomes darker. In serious cases, kratom addiction can result in liver disease, hepatitis or psychotic episodes.

Even short-term use of kratom can generate unpleasant feelings such as sweating, itching, vomiting or frequent urination. Due to the drug’s risky properties, some states have begun to ban the use of kratom.

Kratom History

The use of kratom by human beings has a long history. For centuries, farmers and ranchers in parts of Asia have relied on kratom to augment their energy levels as they work. However, Thailand and Malaysia have opted to outlaw the drug in their countries.

Besides the physical side effects of kratom abuse, long-term users often suffer psychological damage as well. Heavy kratom use can essentially rewire the brain’s pleasure processing ability by throwing it totally out of balance. As a result, frequent users of the drug report going through depression or experiencing anxiety when they try to kick their habit. They also typically face intense cravings.

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