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Many people are guided through life by their religious faith. They turn to scripture for support and wisdom and use prayer to connect with a higher power. Spirituality is deeply challenged by addiction, and those who suffer from substance use disorders can falter in their faith, feel lost and far from God. For such people, a faith-based recovery program is often, quite literally, a godsend.

In studies of the role of faith in addiction recovery, it has been determined to be a resoundingly positive factor. Serenity Light Recovery offers a faith-based recovery track that supports those who seek God’s grace to overcome addiction. If you’d like more information about our rehab options rooted in faith, call us now at 855.658.6109 or use our online form today.

Our Christian Based Addiction Treatment Center

A faith-based recovery program aligns perfectly with the principles of a 12-step program, with which most people are familiar. One of the most effective ways to recover from the disease of addiction, a 12-step program uses spiritual principles and a systematic progression through the steps to find and feel secure in sobriety.

At Serenity Light Recovery, clients who desire faith-based treatment are invited to explore their spirituality and build their relationship with God as part of their recovery journey. This includes the 12 steps and much more.

There are numerous opportunities on the faith-centered recovery track at Serenity Light Recovery:

  • Enhancing spirituality classes – In these classes, clients explore the body, mind, spirit connection by studying the spiritual experiences of others and their transformative outcomes.
  • 3rd Step Freedom Ministry – Based in prayer, this ministry seeks to heal and shift negative beliefs about God, others, and self by praying through the biblical principles of the 12 steps. Concepts addressed include guilt, regret, betrayal, resentment, hopelessness, anger, loss, fear, and shame. Transforming these crippling emotions and beliefs through prayer is an important step in recovery for people of faith.
  • Meditation classes – These comforting and uplifting classes cover healing topics that strengthen and enhance an individual’s connection with God. Some examples are: gratitude, self-forgiveness, visualization, mindfulness, contemplation, and reflection.
  • Spiritual life coaching – Using a coaching model that is steeped in and informed by spiritual faith, our life coaches support and guide clients toward positive choices, wellness practices, and a healthy, faith-informed lifestyle to support lasting sobriety.
  • 12-step life recovery Bible study group – Through Bible study, participants walk their recovery path using the 12 steps while deeply exploring the biblical underpinnings of each step, for a solid faith-based foundation for their sobriety.

Inpatient Treatment

A residential rehab program is an option for all those seeking recovery from addiction. Experts agree that inpatient and outpatient rehab are important programs, but that starting with inpatient is the best option.

For people who choose a faith-based recovery program, benefits of inpatient treatment include access to 24-hour support, spiritual guidance, and a lack of temptations and painful reminders of substance use as they reconnect with their faith. In turn, that faith provides strength and a sense of purpose when clients leave inpatient treatment and return to their lives. Their relationship with God, strengthened by the faith-based rehab experience, helps people in recovery resist familiar addiction triggers.

At Serenity Light Recovery, our inpatient rehab center is the definition of “serenity.” It offers a lovely space in which to pray, interact with like-minded spiritual seekers, and focus on recovery.

How Serenity Light Recovery Can Help

Faith-based recovery programs allow individuals to not only find treatment but also to find God. We are proud of the Christian addiction treatment we offer to people suffering from substance use disorders who seek a spiritual path to recovery. If you would like more information or to take the first step in your own recovery, please call our team at 855.658.6109 or reach out using our simple online form.