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When you are struggling with an addiction, you need the support of people around you to help you recover. You can’t do it on your own. However, not everyone will understand your addiction. In fact, it may alienate some people. This is why AA is effective in helping people stay clean. There are several benefits of AA that you may not find anywhere else.

AA is often part of alcohol addiction treatment program in Houston, TX. It is a healthy part of your recovery. However, AA may not be for everyone. Some alternatives can give you the support you need. Let’s take a look at the benefits of AA as well as the pros and cons of AA so that you can decide if it is right for you.

What Makes AA Work?

1. You Are More Likely to Stay Sober

For most individuals who seek substance abuse treatment programs, rehab is not the end of recovery. Most clients will tell you that recovery is a lifelong process. Therefore, recovery support is an ongoing need. AA provides that support. A support group gives recovering alcoholics instant help whenever they are tempted to relapse.

If you are considering picking up a drink, you can stop what you are doing and find an AA group in Houston, TX. That is one of the greatest benefits of AA. There is always someone available to help you get through your cravings and temptations.

2. These Are ‘Your People’

When you first enter a rehab center in Houston, TX, you may think that you don’t belong there. After all, everyone else is crazy, and you are the sane one, right? As time goes by, you find comfort in the fact that you are not the only one struggling with addiction. Lots of other people are traveling on the same path to recovery.

These people become your people. There are times when it feels as though they are the only ones who understand what you are going through. AA gives you a spiritual, social, and therapeutic connection with individuals that can listen to you and help you without judgment.

3. Someone Needs to Hold You Accountable

The reason why you are in rehab is because of your inability to say ‘no’ to alcohol. This is why accountability is so important. You need others to keep you on the right track. Expecting your friends and family to be there all the time can wear them down.

AA offers accountability. You can find a sponsor who can keep you accountable. You can also use your group as your sounding board. They can listen to you, challenge your negativity, and provide insight and encouragement to keep you going.

Is AA for Everybody?

There are several pros and cons of AA. Regardless of all the benefits, AA is not 100% effective for everyone. There are two things to consider before you engage in a 12-step program:

1. AA at Its Core is Religious in Nature

AA was built on the idea that you need a higher power to help you with your addiction. Over the years, that ‘higher power’ has meant different things to different people. Although AA statements (the 12 steps) are religious, keep in mind that there is a lot of flexibility in how the statements are understood or carried out.

One of the benefits of AA is that you do not have to subscribe to a specific religion. In fact, you don’t have to be religious at all. People will accept you regardless of your personal beliefs.

2. AA Does Not Replace Primary Treatment

With all its strengths, there are several things that a support group cannot do for you. You still need to go through detox and rehab to get proper treatment for your addiction. Individual and family therapy are an essential part of your recovery process.

So, do not use AA as your primary or sole treatment for alcoholism. It is a complementary form of treatment that is part of your recovery program.

Join an AA Group Today

Are you looking for an AA group in Houston, TX? Then contact Serenity Light Recovery. We offer resources for groups in addition to detox and rehab. With all the benefits of AA today, now is the time to get connected. Call us at 855.658.6109 to find out more.