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The early stages of recovery can be a challenging experience. You are trying to navigate a life free of addiction while avoiding your old triggers. To aid in this effort, it might be worth exploring the benefits of fitness therapy for addiction. Besides distracting you from constant thoughts of trying to stay sober, fitness therapy allows you to build strength, improve your coordination, and expand your stamina.

Does Fitness Therapy Help With Recovery From Addiction?

Fitness therapy for addiction offers a way for those in recovery to regain control and find new ways of challenging themselves. Do not worry if you do not think of yourself as a next-level athlete. You do not have to transform yourself into a fitness model. It is about keeping healthy and strengthening yourself as you progress through your recovery journey. Fitness therapy can help you begin your journey on a healthier path.

If you decide to pursue fitness therapy for addiction, it is okay to start off small. Set realistic goals like walking around the block for 30 minutes. Low-impact exercise offers quite a few benefits, so do not worry if you have bad knees or suffer from other ailments. We recommend that you consult with a physician before starting any physical activities. Exercises should be done at the pace that is most comfortable for you.

Another benefit of fitness therapy for addiction is how it adds structure to your days. That does not mean you must stick to the same exercises every day. It is about carving out a specific time during the day to focus on your physical well-being. Plus, the time you spend exercising is less time that you have available for a potential substance relapse.

What Are Some Other Benefits of Fitness Therapy?

It is no secret that exercise gets your heart pumping, which improves the flow of oxygen to your brain. Fitness therapy also helps by releasing hormones that help brain cells grow and promote the growth of new connections in critical sections. It is true that people often experience an anti-depressant effect thanks to a drop in the level of stress hormones in the body after exercise.

Consistent fitness therapy for addiction also helps you repair any damage done to your body during your bout with addiction. It improves cardiovascular function and lowers your risk of developing diabetes and some forms of cancer.

Should You Combine Fitness Therapy With Other Treatments?

Before getting started with fitness therapy for addiction, it is always good to consult with a doctor about other treatments you may be undergoing. They will probably recommend you continue your regular course of medication and therapies. There is no perfect remedy to overcoming addiction. It is always good to take the advice of medical professionals experienced in dealing with clients in recovery.

Fitness therapy can help you go through your other therapy programs in a number of ways. Being at rehab means you will have plenty of free time on your hands. Incorporating some kind of exercise can help you not only get healthier, but it can help you work out excess energy you may have.

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