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Are you in therapy for drug and alcohol addiction? Perhaps you are working on your mental health. In all situations, it is likely that you will participate in support groups and utilize group therapy as a part of your treatment. One of the components of that process is making friends in recovery. You may find this to be the ideal way to find others who get what you’re going through in addiction. At Serenity Light Recovery, we aim to make therapy possible for you.

Why Are Support Groups So Important?

You may want to make friends in recovery, or you may want to remain very private and focused on yourself. In either situation, the chances are good that you will participate in group therapy. This type of therapy is important for various reasons. It allows you to learn about addiction. It can also give you new views on what’s happening. For many people in recovery, support groups will continue to be valuable to them. Starting now can make a big difference.

What are the benefits of group therapy?

  • Connect with others facing the same challenges
  • Gain insight into what works
  • Learn to communicate and open up
  • Explore new ways to build relationships
  • Develop friendships that can last beyond treatment

How Do You Make Friends in Recovery?

Developing friends in recovery does not seem hard to do for some people. For others, especially those who have worked hard to stay away from others for so long, it’s difficult. During support groups and group therapy sessions, make it a point to talk to people. You may want to talk about yourself and tell your story. This can help other people to learn what you’ve been through and to bond with you. It’s remarkable how many people have gone through the challenges you’ve had.

You also want to ask questions of the group. When you ask questions, you are likely asking the same things other people want and need to learn. You are also allowing others to tell you what they do or how they have overcome the challenges you are now facing. Group therapy allows for this type of back and forth connection.

The Value of Friends in Recovery

Take a few minutes to think about your addiction years. What if someone told you no or asked you to stop using? What if you had a friend that truly understood what it was like to deal with what you are facing right now? When you make friends in recovery, you are achieving this goal. You’re creating relationships with people who can understand your thoughts, behaviors, and needs better than those who do not have an addiction.

Embrace a Comprehensive Therapy Plan

The good thing is that group therapy is one of the services we offer at Serenity Light Recovery. It is one component of a much larger plan. You are not just on your own with a group of people. Rather, this is one of the tools we use to help individuals to develop friends in recovery and to provide education. It is still up to you to connect with those you want to be friends with during this treatment process.

We encourage you to explore many of the therapies we offer, including:

Experience the Benefits of Therapy at Serenity Light Recovery

There is something special about the group therapy we offer at Serenity Light Recovery. If you’re struggling with drug and alcohol addiction, you can find friends in recovery that understand what you’re going through and have the same desire to get help. Check out our support groups as well as the other services we offer when you call our addiction counselors at 855.658.6109.