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Opioid addiction has become a significant concern in the United States. That’s not to say that cocaine, ecstasy, meth, and other addictions are no less concerning. However, not everyone fully understands the importance of detox in the recovery process. In that case, they can learn more about it and the best detox centers in Houston.

The Importance of Detox

Drug detox has a crucial role in addiction treatment and is often the first step toward sobriety. Without help from a medical team, people with substance use disorder could face extreme health issues when they stop using. In some cases, withdrawal is a life-threatening process.

The symptoms that people have when they stop substance use depend on several factors. For instance, some drugs cause side effects that other drugs don’t. Also, people who used drugs for two months won’t have as severe withdrawal as those who used for years. The number of drugs and frequency of use have an impact on the symptoms that manifest as well.

Some common ones include anxiety, depression, joint pain, muscle aches, sweating, and watery eyes. The best detox centers know how to prepare for these symptoms before people stop using. The staff members also look at each of the above factors to estimate the potential for severe effects and complications. Some examples include heart, liver and kidney failure, as well as hallucinations and seizures.

The drug alcohol detox programs Houston offers also know how to deal with less common issues that arise. For example, some people become psychotic or violent during the withdrawal phase of recovery. Because of that, they could cause harm to themselves or others. It takes special preparation to prevent injuries and keep them calm.

Is It Always Necessary?

Even when people have minor substance use disorders, it’s safer for them to get drug or alcohol detox Houston Texas provides. Quitting addiction to alcohol, heroin or cocaine isn’t as easy as stopping smoking. Still, some people have a hard time overcoming nicotine addiction. When cravings arise, they might grab another cigarette.

However, people who relapse during detox from alcohol or other hard drugs could overdose. This problem might even lead to their deaths. For that reason, experts recommend that everyone with substance use disorder get help at the best detox centers.

Services at the Best Detox Centers in Houston

Houston treatment facilities offer a range of services to help people through withdrawal. Many of them include medications that reduce the symptoms, including cravings. Some examples include antidepressants and anti-nausea medicines. Some addictions require the help of medications if the addiction is severe. Medication can often help the user deal with more severe withdrawal symptoms. But your recovery does not end with detox.

Therapy is an essential detox service too. Talk therapies give people an advantage in rehab and help them get used to the sessions. Health and wellness services such as meditation and yoga help them relax, achieve inner balance and focus.

Let Serenity Light Recovery Help You Overcome Drug Addiction

Do you struggle with substance abuse? You don’t have to seek treatment alone. Serenity Light Recovery strives to provide a safe and welcoming place to overcome drug use. Our team uses a range of Houston addiction therapy services, including:

Take your first step toward recovery at the best detox centers in Houston. Get the compassionate care that you need at our treatment center. Reach out to Serenity Light Recovery for more information at 855.658.6109.