AddictionDetoxDrug AddictionTherapywoman is sitting with therapist wondering if she can quit heroin cold turkey

Could you quit heroin cold turkey? Yes, you probably could do that. However, would it be in your best interest? The answer is a decisive no, and here’s why.

Quitting a Nervous System Depressant is Painful

Can I quit heroin cold turkey even though I’ve heard it’s painful? Heroin provides a dopamine rush; after that, it numbs your nervous system. Therefore, you don’t feel any pain. In fact, most people drift in and out of consciousness after they had a dose.

You know this behavior as nodding. However, you’ve now decided that you don’t want to use the drug any longer. Quitting from one moment to the next results in an upset of your nervous system. Suddenly, all its components come back online.

This can create some misfiring. As a result, you experience pain, such as muscle cramps and abdominal discomfort. Gastrointestinal upset is another part of the experience. These sensations are usually so painful that most people outside of a heroin detox center go back to using.

Don’t Quit Heroin Cold Turkey; Medical Detox is a Better Option

Enrolling in one of the good-quality drug alcohol detox programs Houston trusts is a better option. You don’t have to quit heroin cold turkey and sweat it out at home by yourself. Rather, work with professionals who understand what you’re going through. Most importantly, they can assist you with the pain relief you need to stick with your plan.

Possible treatments that provide safety and comfort include:

When you’re around peers in recovery, you no longer ask, can I quit heroin cold turkey. You realize that you’re not alone. Because of the communal aspect of the detox experience, you learn that recovery is often a group effort. In the process, you explore how to set healthy boundaries with others and express your wishes.

It’s fair to say that detox is so much more than quitting a physical addiction to heroin. It’s also a time for personal development and growth. Moreover, it’s the beginning of the rehab experience. The next step is overcoming the psychological dependency.

Going from Detox to Rehab

Within about a week, you graduate from medical treatment. Detoxification is surprisingly brief. From there, it’s essential that you move on to clinical care right away. Failure to do so may result in relapse.

When you don’t want to quit heroin cold turkey, Serenity Light Recovery is there to help you. Therapists are ready to help you make the change you’ve been thinking about. Call 855.658.6109 now to schedule an appointment.