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Traumatic events occur at some point in almost everyone’s lives. Do you have some type of traumatic event in your past that you do not like to think about or talk about to anyone? Perhaps you just have uneasy feelings about certain people or times of your life. Trauma like this is devastating not just at that time, but years later. Often times that trauma influences the person you grow up to be. Childhood trauma and addiction often occur together. If you are ready for help, contact Serenity Light Recovery for support.

What Is Trauma and Why Does It Matter?

Trauma is any type of event that creates a significant psychological effect on you. What impacts you may not impact others. Trauma can happen for many reasons. You may watch someone you love be abused. You may have experienced abuse yourself. You may have trauma from experiences related to a lack of food and hurtful words another person said. When trauma happens, it creates a break in your mind. If you do not deal with it, eventually it will cause damage to you. No client’s trauma is the same as another’s. Everyone’s situation is different and it is critical that they are treated individually to truly get to the root of the trauma. Childhood trauma and addiction often occur, for example.

Why Childhood Trauma and Addiction Happen Together

Childhood trauma that is not dealt with in a positive manner can lead to complex mental illness later in life. For some people, the use of drugs and alcohol to take away the painful memories works. Drugs become a necessary tool for fighting off the memories. Some use drugs to deal with today’s struggles, too, especially if they remind them of what happened then. The drugs work as a way to avoid confronting these painful memories and gives the user a temporary sense of relief. But this “relief” is temporary and not real.

Often, the problem is drug addiction only make things worse. You need to take more and more of the same drug to get the desired effect. Over time, it damages your body and causes rifts in your relationships. Your loved ones do not understand why you drink or use drugs, and you do not want to tell them.

Finding a Way Through It All

When you seek out help for childhood trauma and addiction, you do not have to worry about reliving those experiences. Treatment today is focused on helping you to overcome those struggles without experiencing it again to further traumatize you. Yet, it is critical that you work through this. Just getting it out and talking in a safe place where no one will ever share that information is the first step in the healing process.

At Serenity Light Recovery, we can help you work through these difficult challenges in a comfortable and supportive environment. Our treatment options include:

Childhood trauma and addiction could ruin your future. If you embrace help right now, you may be able to fight your way to a healthier future.

Find the Support You Need at Serenity Light Recovery

If you have childhood trauma and addiction, it is up to you to take the biggest step of your life – reach out for help. At Serenity Light Recovery, our dedicated team of professionals works closely with you to ensure you get comprehensive care in a safe, supportive environment. Call 855.658.6109 to learn what we can do now.