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Cocaine is one of the most powerful drugs you may take. It often leads to substance abuse in those who consume it even for a short amount of time. With many health risks and the overdose potential, anyone that is using this drug needs to consider cocaine detox. That means dealing with cocaine withdrawal symptoms that can sometimes be rather intense. At Serenity Light Recovery, we can offer solutions and resources to help you through it.

What Causes Cocaine Withdrawal?

Substance abuse occurs when the body becomes used to the drug. In the case of cocaine, it creates a euphoria-like experience. It helps you feel good. That causes the brain to release chemicals like endorphins that help you to feel good. Over time, your brain adjusts to the toxins you’re consuming and may even demand more as it gets used to it in order to reach the same level of being high. That increases how much you’re consuming and puts you at risk for overdose.

When a person stops using cocaine, the body doesn’t have the ability to adjust quickly to do this. That leads to cocaine withdrawal. Strong cravings for the drug are often the first sign you have. Then, your body starts to crash – you may feel cocaine withdrawal symptoms such as:

  • Intense fatigue
  • Irritability and moodiness
  • Anxiety
  • Lack of pleasure
  • Agitation
  • Paranoia

Some people also experience shaking, vomiting, and seizures. There are situations when a person can experience intense symptoms that lead to life-threatening health situations.

Cocaine Detox Can Help Reduce These Risks

While you may be facing cocaine withdrawal as a result of your addiction, it becomes critically important for you to work through this process in order to get clean. During cocaine detox, in a professional setting, you can get some help with this process.

Medical Help If You Need It: One of the ways a professional cocaine detox center can help you is by providing medical support. Our team is here to help if there are any negative consequences to detoxing, such as physical or psychological problems.

Medications to Ease Symptoms: In addition to this, during your cocaine detox, you will have access to medications, in most cases. These medications can ease the cocaine withdrawal symptoms you feel. That makes detoxing more successful and less painful.

Therapy and Support: You’ll also have professionals by your side to help you through this process. They will listen to you, work with you, and help you to understand why you are experiencing cocaine withdrawal.  This is key to long-term substance abuse treatment.

Where to Get Started with Treatment for Cocaine Addiction

At Serenity Light Recovery, we provide a wide range of tools to help you with this process of cocaine detox. You will work with our team to manage your health and recovery. Detox is the first step. Once you overcome those cocaine withdrawal symptoms, you’ll need ongoing therapy to support your healing. We offer that through a wide range of programs.

Learn more about what Serenity Light Recovery can offer through our comprehensive treatment programs such as:

Now is the right time for you to get help. You don’t have to deal with cocaine withdrawal on your own.

Serenity Light Recovery Can Help You Through Cocaine Detox

Cocaine withdrawal can be a complex process. It seems scary and overwhelming. You may not be sure you can handle cocaine detox. Yet, for many men and women facing this type of substance abuse, the opportunities for healing and wellbeing on the other side of detox make it worth it. Our team at Serenity Light Recovery can help you to get through withdrawal with ease. Call us at 855.658.6109 to learn how.