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Millions of Americans struggle with depression every year. Depression and drug abuse often go hand-in-hand. Many people do not recognize that they have both. They do not know what happened first. Yet, they know they need to keep using drugs to manage their depression. If this sounds like what you are facing, now is the time to seek out treatment. In these instances, it is critical to address both addiction and depression disorders. Serenity Light Recovery can offer that support to you.

Why Do Depression and Drug Abuse Happen Together?

It is not always the case that a person with depression will use drugs. And, not all people using drugs or alcohol do not have depression. Yet, depression and drug abuse are fairly common – 43 percent of people with substance use disorders will have some type of mental health disorder, according to the National Institute on Drug Abuse.

Why does this happen? Researchers do not fully understand what happens on such a large scale. In some situations, a person will start using drugs as a way to deal with their depression, often helping to mask the symptoms they feel. In other cases, they start using drugs, and that triggers their underlying mental health disorder, often one they did not know they had. In all cases, it cannot be overlooked.

How to Get Help for Both

It is not possible to treat just the depression and assume the drug use will stop. It is also not possible to treat drug addiction without treating the depression that is present as well. When both are present, that is called co-occurring disorders. To treat these conditions, a process of dual diagnosis treatment is used. Just as its name implies, the person receives care and support for both the mental illness and the drug addiction at the same time. That is critical to helping you to work through both problems.

Co-occurring disorders typically feed off of each other, meaning that not addressing them properly can lead to them getting worse before they get better. Dual diagnosis can be the key to a successful recovery.

How Does Treatment Work?

When you come into a drug treatment center, you will receive a full consultation and evaluation. During this process, you will answer some questions and talk to a counselor. He or she will work to understand if you have an underlying mental health disorder. If you have depression and drug abuse occurring, a comprehensive treatment plan is created for you to address both.

Your care may involve:

We offer a wide range of solutions to help you. This includes inpatient and outpatient treatment. It also includes holistic care, such as equine therapy and yoga therapy. Your customized treatment plan can address the underlying causes of your depression, such as trauma. It can also help you with post-traumatic stress disorder.

When depression and drug abuse are happening to you, recognize your need for help. We are here to create a treatment plan for you.

Find Hope at Serenity Light Recovery

When you are struggling with depression and drug abuse, you may feel overwhelmed, frightened, and simply scared of your future. Our team at Serenity Light Recovery offers you the hope you need. When you speak to our counselors, you will learn about our comprehensive treatment options. You will get insight and care right away. Call 855.658.6109 to learn more. Do not let addiction control your life any longer. Get the help you need with Serenity Light Recovery.