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The United States is experiencing a serious alcohol and drug addiction problem. Medical and psychological science has come far in offering life-changing and often life-saving evidence-based treatments for those with a substance use disorder. But we know that body and mind cannot be dissociated from spirit—in whatever way you define that. Research shows that religion and spirituality are exceptionally powerful within recovery. Both the behaviors and beliefs of people engaged in faith-based addiction treatment have beneficial and lasting impacts on recovery. For this reason, many addiction treatment centers offer a faith-based recovery program.

To learn more about how a faith-based program works to usher people securely onto their recovery path, reach out to Serenity Light Recovery by calling 855.658.6109 or filling out our online form.

The Importance of Faith-Based Programs

So many Americans find solace and hope in their religious faith. For Christians, scripture is a also guide for daily life. Prayer offers a path not only to God but also to balance, inner peace, and self-awareness.

In a faith-based addiction treatment program, someone struggling with an addiction will find the spiritual framework both familiar and comforting after the potentially traumatic disconnect from their beliefs due to substance abuse.

In a program with a spiritual focus, you’ll reaffirm the foundation of your strength and the presence of the divine in your life. If any of this sounds just right, then a faith-based program is a good choice for you.

In a recovery program imbued with Christian values, someone trying to reaffirm their faith or exploring it for the first time will experience the following:

  • Faith-centered support, combined with evidence-based treatment, can guide you to grow in your spirituality and forge a connection with Christ. Peer groups centered on Christian principles will offer a sense of community within the spiritual space where you feel comfortable, acknowledged, and supported.
  • Continuity of therapeutic and spiritual care, which means that each transition within rehab and beyond is guided by a team devoted to your recovery within your faith tradition, reduces your risk of relapse.
  • Christian mentors in a faith-based program align with your belief system. As role models and guides, they can support you as you heal. Here, you’ll make the leap from dependence and addiction to independence and recovery.

Serenity Light Recovery’s Faith-Based Drug Treatment Center

Transitioning out of rehab is often smoother for those who experience a faith-based rehab program. This can align with their principles and spiritual roots. The recovery skills you learn in a faith-aligned recovery program will be consistent with your values. You can secure them as part of your sober lifestyle with confidence.

At Serenity Light Recovery, you will have the option to participate in a faith-based treatment program and explore your relationship with God and your spiritual self. This therapeutic track offers numerous scripture- and faith-based recovery groups and opportunities.

Some of the offerings in our faith-based program include:

  • Enhancing spirituality classes – These classes encourage awareness of the connection among body, mind, and spirit. You learn how vital it is to live in balance and not neglect your spiritual needs.
  • Third Step Freedom Ministry – This prayer ministry was developed to transform negative beliefs about God, others, and self that can arise during addiction and do great damage. The prayer sessions, which include exploring the 12 steps, address guilt, betrayal, shame, regret, hopelessness, anger, loss, rejection, and more.
  • Meditation classes – The opportunity to meditate upon gratitude, self-forgiveness, reflection, mindfulness, and your connection to spirit/God is enormously healing. This practice can also support you through your life of recovery.

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At Serenity Light Recovery, you will find the treatment program that is best for you. Our faith-based recovery program can support you as you learn to live a fulfilling, happy, sober life. Call us at 855.658.6109 to learn more about our faith-based programs, or simply fill out our online form.