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An intervention is an opportunity for those close to someone who is using drugs and alcohol to encourage them to get help. Interventions in real life don’t necessarily look like the dramatic scenes you seen on TV, but they are often impactful and life-changing. When it comes to helping your loved one start on the path of addiction recovery, take the first step. Reach out to Serenity Light Recovery today for addiction treatment. If your loved one isn’t ready to admit that they need help, consider how an intervention may work.

How Does an Intervention Work?

An intervention is a process in which a few people who are very close to someone with addiction come together to encourage that person to seek out addiction treatment. The goal is to confront the loved one with facts about their addiction and its impact on each person’s life. It is also important to use this time to set boundaries and let your loved one know the repercussions if they do not start a treatment program. The goal is to help them to make their own decision to go to an addiction treatment center.

What Are the Benefits of an Intervention?

You cannot force someone to get help for drugs and alcohol. They have to start on the path towards addiction recovery on their own, based on their belief that they need help. Yet, there are ways to encourage a person to begin addiction treatment, which can include showing them how their behavior has affected their loved ones.

There are several benefits of hosting an intervention for your loved one. If he or she is unwilling to admit that they are struggling with addiction or that they need treatment, an intervention can provide a number of benefits.

  1. An intervention will make your loved one aware that their drug use is impacting the lives of others. This allows your loved one to see how important treatment is.
  2. You can encourage a loved one to get help by showing them how much support they have and will continue to have in addiction recovery.
  3. During the intervention, you can make it clear that you can no longer support them if they are using. The benefit here is that it forces them to make a change.
  4. You can provide your loved one with a solution: a location to go right now to get addiction treatment. Arrange this in advance to ensure it is available.
  5. An intervention encourages hope and healing and can help your loved one begin addiction recovery in a meaningful way.

When done well, interventions can be powerful. They should not be designed to make a person feel guilty but rather that they have all of the support they need to start healing. At the same time, it also means providing them with no opportunity for excuses, challenges, or backing out. If they do, that means you’re not going to support them and be a part of their life. For those watching a loved one suffer from addiction, making this ultimatum can be challenging but necessary.

Begin the Journey to Recovery

Do you have a loved one who needs addiction treatment? If so, allow our professionals at Serenity Light Recovery to provide you with the information you need about starting treatment after an intervention. When you call us, we can talk to you about all of the available treatment options we offer including:

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