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In Houston and the surrounding area, many individuals struggle with substance abuse and addiction. Fortunately, Houston has a top-notch drug detox program and rehab facility. It’s called Serenity Light Recovery and it is a beacon of hope for anyone struggling with addiction in the greater Houston area.

If you reside in the Houston metropolitan and surrounding area and think you could use a professional drug treatment program to start a recovery journey, reach out now. We will answer your questions and help you make sense of your options. And you do have options. Serenity Light Recovery offers a wide range of addiction treatment programs, inpatient and outpatient models, and a long list of therapeutic modalities that can combine in an individualized program that will work for you. Call 855.658.6109 or reach out to us online to get the conversation started.

How Drug Rehab Works

Most drug rehab programs, including all of those offered at Serenity Light Recovery, start with a medically supervised detox to safely monitor the acute and potentially risky effects of withdrawal while providing treatment to ease the worst symptoms. Detox is when all remnants of drugs leave the body. It is a vital step in rehab, but only the first.

In a well-regulated and managed program, the progression from detox to the next stage of drug rehab will be seamless, with your individualized program planned and ready to start. It is the rest of rehab that will address the psychological and behavioral challenges that underpin your addiction, as well as provide tools, lifestyle strategies, and a plan for managing recovery in the long term.

Rehab post-detox is not one-size-fits-all. You might consider outpatient and inpatient options in a Houston drug rehab like Serenity Light Recovery.

Inpatient Rehab

In a safe, professional, therapeutic setting, inpatient treatment means you are removed completely from triggers that may challenge your budding sobriety. You have a chance to interact with others socially and in a therapy setting with the understanding that they understand your challenges and will not compromise your progress. Treatment will be highly structured, involve individual therapy as well as group models. It will focus on accountability, honesty, and goal setting as well as opportunities to process your social and psychological deficits, destructive thought patterns and behaviors, and adopt healthier and more constructive habits.

Residential treatment often incorporates 12-step models, and at Serenity Light Recovery, we have a range of activities and holistic practices that round out the inpatient therapeutic program.

Outpatient Rehab

Outpatient treatment includes many of the same treatment models as inpatient rehab but accommodates the realities of life for those with jobs and families they cannot leave for a residential stay. This option costs less and is suited to people with healthy social and family support. Like residential programs, outpatient rehab offers both individual and group therapy, support groups, and lifestyle retraining.

Therapeutic Options at Serenity Light Recovery in Houston

Whether you choose outpatient or inpatient rehab in the Houston area, it’s the quality of the professional care you receive as well as the options available to you within that care model that really make a difference.

At Serenity Light Recovery, all our therapies are evidence-based and provided by highly trained, compassionate clinicians with support from a professional and caring staff. Some of the options you will encounter include:

If you are looking for a drug treatment program in the greater Houston area, you need not look further than Serenity Light Recovery. We are ready to usher you from where you are now to where you want to be—living a sober life of wellness and purpose. Contact us to learn more by calling 855.658.6109 or using our online form. We look forward to hearing from you.