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Are you struggling with addiction and want to make a change in your life? Do you wish to break free from the darkness of your drug dependence? If so, now is the time to figure out which strategies will help you. As many drug addiction experts know, a 12 step program is highly effective in helping individuals with addiction. If you’ve ever asked yourself “how do 12 step programs help addiction recovery?” it’s time to find out more. Learn about 12 step programs and how Houston addiction therapy services can help you.

What Is 12 Step Programming?

There are numerous components involved in the 12 step programming process. Some of them include admitting that one no longer has power over the addiction and believing that a higher power can assist the individual with the change process. The individual will then turn control over to the external force. Some other components of the program include:

  • Completing a personal inventory
  • Admitting to self, others, and the higher power that one was wrong
  • Being receptive to the higher power offering correction regarding character flaws
  • Asking the external force to remove those character flaws
  • Creating a list of how one has hurt or harmed others and resolving to make amends
  • Communicating with the individuals you hurt unless doing so would cause problems rather than facilitating solutions
  • Regularly conducting a self-analysis (or “personal inventory”) and admitting your mistakes
  • Seeking connection with the external force or higher power through meditation and prayer
  • Providing other people with information about this type of programming

How Do 12 Step Programs Help Addiction Recovery?

After gaining information about this type of programming, you might ask yourself “how do 12 step programs help addiction recovery?” There are multiple ways that this type of programming can aid recovery. Some of them include:

  • Enabling the individual to recognize and admit that they have a problematic addiction
  • Empowering the individual to seek assistance and control through external sources
  • Helping the individual attain higher levels of awareness and self-observation so they can grasp the behaviors that led to addiction
  • Empowering the individual to identify and utilize behaviors that promote self-control
  • Providing the individual with opportunities to build self-esteem based on recognition of one’s capabilities
  • Development of self-acceptance
  • Acquired the ability to modify or change behavior in a manner that eliminates bad habits, self-defeating thoughts, etc.
  • Compassion for individuals who struggle with addiction and those affected by it
  • Acquisition of tools that make the recovery process a continual, integral component of the participant’s daily life

Obtaining Professional Help

Once an individual realizes that they are in the grip of addiction, they may be ready to attain professional help. If this is the case for you, know that you will likely experience higher levels of success if you attain treatment in a facility that offers comprehensive programming. The ideal program will feature most or all of the following services:

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