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Why is it that many people who abuse drugs or alcohol seem to be stuck in a continuous cycle of addiction? Why do some people relapse even after long periods of sobriety? Drug addiction can seem confusing from the outside. If your loved one is struggling with addiction, you might wonder why they have trouble giving up this dangerous habit. It’s hard to understand why someone would continue to do drugs when it harms them so much. However, we do not see the inner workings of the brain. We don’t understand the power of addiction. Knowing more about the cycle of addiction and how substance abuse can cause changes in the brain can help you offer the support your loved one needs. If you’re concerned about a friend or family member, or if you are struggling with addiction yourself, reach out to a treatment center near you today.

How the Cycle of Addiction Begins

Addiction begins when the person first starts using a substance. If it’s a prescription medication, then the initial use is legal and no abuse of the substance has occurred yet. However, when a person first uses a drug such as heroin, which has no medicinal purposes, then the initial use may be classified as abuse and require substance abuse treatment.


This abuse phase occurs when you abuse the substance in any one of the following ways:

  • Taking more medication than was prescribed
  • Using the medication in a manner that is inconsistent with the prescription (i.e. snorting or injecting painkillers)
  • Using medication to get “high”
  • Taking the medication when it’s not necessary
  • Drinking alcohol to cope with mental health issues
  • Drinking alcohol to get through the day

In addition, as noted above, taking any street drugs is also considered the abuse stage.


During this stage, your body is getting used to the substance. That means that the amount you took initially doesn’t have the same effect on you as it did in the beginning. Many people will increase their dosage when this occurs. When they do, they’ll feel the effects of the substance again. But this is only temporary. In time, your body gets used to the new higher dosage, so you raise the amount again. This may happen multiple times, making it extremely dangerous for the person using it.

Dependence and Addiction

Dependence means your body is dependent on the substance and without it, you will experience withdrawal symptoms. Sometimes the withdrawal is dangerous.


After withdrawing from the substance, many times people feel the cravings for drugs or alcohol again. When they give in to the craving, relapse occurs.

In order to prevent the cycle of addiction from continuing in your life, an individualized treatment plan is necessary. A customized plan allows your therapist to design treatment that targets your needs specifically.

Breaking the Cycle of Addiction

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