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Plenty of drug recovery rehab centers advertise their services. How do you know which center is right for you? In fact, there are different types. Here’s how to choose the residential treatment center Houston residents and you can trust.

Select the Scope of Treatment

Residential treatment centers in Houston Texas usually fall into two categories: those with and those without onsite detoxification. If you’re planning to begin your recovery with detox at a different facility, it’s not necessary to have this service. However, if you want to avoid lag time or having to move after detox, opt for a facility that offers both.

Choose a Treatment Model

Christian based rehabs in Texas assist program participants with healing emotionally, spiritually, and physically. Also these facilities frequently include chapel services, pastoral counseling, and faith restorations. They often also cater to members of the clergy who struggle with chemical dependency. This makes them excellent destinations for clergy and laity alike.

A residential treatment center Houston professionals head to focuses on working with licensed individuals. These might be attorneys, commercial pilots, financial planners, and boardroom executives. Many also treat first responders. Facilities of this type usually have a certification to treat professionals with specific licenses.

Any other inpatient rehab facility caters to the general public. In addition, many offer holistic care options that provide a whole-person approach. Almost all focus on evidence-based services. These combine in a care protocol that therapists customize for your individual needs.

Evidence-Based Treatments at a Residential Treatment Center Houston Counts On

The treatments focuses on helping you understand the roots of addiction. Also, with this understanding, you can develop healthy coping skills. Examples of care options include:

What Comes after Inpatient Rehab?

Almost any residential treatment center Houston locals check into offers a sober living option. Therefore, if you’re not ready to return home after program graduation, you can live with roommates in recovery. It’s an in-between step that eases you back into society. During this time, you’ll have the opportunity to find work and get your finances in order.

Most people attend aftercare counseling at this time. For some, this means stepping down to an outpatient treatment model. Others also add 12 Step support group attendance. Doing so protects early sobriety and puts you in a good position as you leave full-time rehab treatment behind.

Check into Rehab Now

When you connect with the residential treatment center Houston locals trust, you first talk to an intake advisor. This expert helps you understand your insurance benefits through a verification process. At that time, you also learn what to bring for your stay at the facility. Make the call now at 855.658.6109 to set up the appointment.