Alcohol AddictionProgramsRehabfamily members grabbing the hands of an individual as they learn how to help an alcoholic family member

When someone you love abuses alcohol, daily life fills with fear. You fear for their health effects, work stability, driving safety, relationship damage, the potential for arrest and the possibility of early death. More than anything, you want a better life for them. By getting to know how to help an alcoholic, you can open doors to their happier, brighter future in sobriety.

Beginning to Learn How to Help an Alcoholic Family Member

Before starting in how to help an alcoholic family member, you need to understand the journey they face through your help. If you help a loved one get into the Houston addiction therapy services they need, your help continues beyond the time they enter the treatment center doors. You need to support them as they grow in recovery. At the same time, you need to seek your own help for recovering from this journey and preparing for a mutually supportive future together.

Consider options for their treatment, in how to help an alcoholic family member. They need an array of therapies, some of which involve you. These therapies and program options include:

  • Medical detox
  • Residential and intensive outpatient rehab
  • Family therapy program
  • CBT and EMDR therapy
  • Individual counseling and group therapy
  • Yoga and fitness
  • 12 step program

The above therapies provide a foundation for how to help an alcoholic family member for the long term. When you find an alcohol addiction treatment program, you actually set them up for greater success in recovery. This certainly beats aiding their addiction, which is another consideration in how to help an alcoholic.

Stop Enabling Your Loved One

One of the hardest truths to face in how to help an alcoholic is that of your own enabling behaviors. Even with the best intentions, you likely make their drinking or access to alcohol easier. So ask yourself about your own behaviors first and make some small changes for your first steps in how to help an alcoholic you love.

So what is your own role in your loved one’s drinking? Stop doing these things:

Stop Covering for Their Drinking or Bad Behaviors

You probably make many excuses to cover your loved one’s mistakes, almost as if you are a human shield. Stop making it easier for them to keep drinking by covering for them. They need accountability for their actions, including not bailing them out of jail.

Loan No Money, Except for Rehab

Addiction of any kind proves very expensive. By giving them money, you might as well hand them a bottle full of their go-to alcoholic beverage. Do not financially support their disease, except to financially support its treatment.

Never Drink with Them

The only thing worse than a loved one with an alcohol use disorder is two loved ones with the same problem. By drinking with them, you only encourage them to drink.

Connecting Through Treatment at Serenity Light Recovery

Finding a quality treatment program provides somewhere for your loved one to go when they agree upon entering detox and rehab. In Angleton, Texas, Serenity Light Recovery provides quality rehab treatment for loved ones like yours. This treatment includes family therapy and support for your own healing. Contact Serenity Light Recovery at 855.658.6109 to learn more about getting the help your loved one needs, for the future you both want to share.