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Everyone loves shortcuts. But when a shortcut does not offer an opportunity for real, lasting results, you must ask yourself if it is worthwhile. In rehab treatment, no one can argue the benefits of long term drug rehab center in Houston. A longer-term approach to recovery certainly gives you the best possible chance for long term sobriety.

Who Receives Benefits of Long Term Drug Rehab?

Long term drug rehab is usually residential treatment or a residential program followed up with intensive outpatient treatment. These programs usually start with detox, where you spend about a week or longer going through supervised and medically assisted withdrawal. Total time spent in a long term drug rehab center in Houston or elsewhere usually comes to about 90 to 120 days.

People who benefit most from a long term drug rehab center in Houston include those with severe addictions. Those using drugs or alcohol for years need lengthier treatment than someone recently realizing their short-lived substance use disorder. After all, life patterns form during addiction just like they do in other parts of your life. Reversing many of these unhealthy patterns requires time spent learning about the problems and training yourself in how to overcome them.

Other people who experience benefits of long term drug rehab Houston include those with co-occurring mental health problems. If you suffer depression, anxiety, trauma, PTSD, or personality disorders, you need mental health treatment alongside your rehab treatment. This takes time, particularly in finding the right medication and dosage for some mental health conditions. Long term Houston addiction treatment programs give you the time and space to learn how to untangle your two behavioral problems and prevent relapse of either.

When you suffer multiple relapses after rehab treatment, you also benefit from long term treatment. Attending a 90 day extended care program helps you understand your addiction better, to also build more skills for relapse prevention.

Top Benefits of Long Term Drug Rehab

Beyond specific people who benefit from a long term drug rehab center in Houston, these programs offer clear benefits for anyone in them. These benefits include:

  • Removal from triggers and temptations
  • Daily structure with constant support
  • Self-focus without outside distractions
  • Sober relationship building
  • Therapy options and intensity
  • Nutritional and fitness assistance
  • Skill practice before real-world exposure

Arguing the points above proves difficult, whether you suffer the addiction or this problem affects someone you love. Of course, knowing you need long term rehab only solves your problem when you opt for that type of program. Making this decision is one of the best for your future wellness and lasting recovery.

Finding a Quality Long Term Rehab in Houston

Finding a rehab that suits your unique needs never proves easy. Even harder is finding one that provides the long term rehab treatment you want. These programs need to offer a mix of therapies and other approaches for your own real-world success in recovery. Quality programs and approaches to rehab include:

Serenity Light Recovery in Angleton, Texas offers all of these aspects of treatment through long term drug rehab. Call Serenity Light Recovery now at 855.658.6109 to learn more about these programs and your potential for successful, lasting sobriety.