One of the most common reasons for drug and alcohol abuse is an inability to manage stress and negative feelings in a healthy way. Some people simply have a more difficult time dealing with stressful emotions than others. If you have turned to drugs and alcohol as a way to cope with stress at work, in your personal life, or in the world around you, consider mindfulness-based stress reduction to help you rebuild your life.

This approach to stress management can be incredibly effective in not only helping you during times of stress but in helping you work through the underlying causes of addiction. Reach out to a treatment center near you today to learn more about mindfulness-based stress reduction.

Mindfulness and Addiction

Some of those who struggle with addiction have experienced trauma in the past. Experiencing abuse, being in an accident, or living through a natural disaster are all traumatic experiences that can have long-lasting impacts. Past trauma can make it difficult to focus on the present moment. An individual that has lived through trauma may relive a past trauma or negative events. Instead of overcoming it, they bury painful memories in drug and alcohol abuse because they’re unable to move past it.

Others constantly worry about the future. This can cause a great deal of anxiety, especially when they believe that anything that happens will be negative.

Focusing on either the past or the present runs opposite to the ideas that you will learn in a mindfulness-based stress reduction program.

All of this is incredibly stressful. When you don’t have effective coping skills to deal with the stress, you may adopt unhealthy habits such as drug and alcohol abuse. While drinking or using seems to relieve the stress and anxiety, all it actually does is make your problems worse.

How Mindfulness-Based Stress Reduction Can Treat Addiction

Mindfulness-based stress reduction, or MBSR, was developed in the late 1970s as a way to help clients deal with stress and pain.

In addiction treatment, one of the things you’ll learn is how to focus on the present moment. Practicing mindfulness-based stress reduction allows you to stop for a moment and think about what you’re feeling. When you observe your emotions this way, you can identify the source of your stress. Instead of reacting to it negatively, you can begin to calm yourself and cope effectively.

The types of mindfulness-based stress reduction techniques you may learn in treatment include meditation and yoga. One of the benefits of these practices is that you can continue them after leaving treatment and for the remainder of your recovery. They’re lifelong practices that promote serenity and peace.

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