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Is your loved one running out of medication before they should? Are you struggling with your pain so much so that medication just is not helping any longer? These could be signs of medication abuse. Most people do not start out trying to abuse medications or even trying to get high using them. Yet, drug abuse can occur, and addiction forms. When this happens, it is essential to find the care you need to overcome this condition. Serenity Light Recovery can help.

What Are Some of the Signs of Medication Abuse?

As you take into consideration the types of drugs you may be using, ask yourself some honest questions about them. Medication abuse can happen even when you do not know what’s occurring. That’s when getting help is so important.

  • Do you run out of prescription pills before you should?
  • Have you asked more than one doctor for the medications?
  • Do you think about when the next dose is often?
  • What happens if you don’t take your medication – pain, discomfort, anxiety?
  • Are other people telling you that you have a problem?

It’s very hard to admit to drug abuse. You may want to believe you just need those medications. Sometimes, your body is making you feel that this is the case.

Understanding That Addiction Can Form in Many Situations

Anxiety drugs and pain medications are some of the most common medications misused. In these situations, medication abuse develops even if a person is following the recommendations and steps provided by their doctor. Over time, the body and brain become dependent on those drugs due to the way they change the communication process in the brain. When you stop taking them, you feel intense pain, anxiety, and illness. That makes you believe you need those drugs.

What Can Be Done About Medication Abuse?

Every situation is very different. Your needs will depend on factors such as your health and your overall well-being. However, drug abuse treatment starts with professional support. Our team can help you through one of our numerous programs, including:

When you come in for this type of help, we’ll talk to you about your medication use and why you are using it. Then, we’ll work with you to overcome what’s holding you back. You do not have to live your life addicted to pain medications or reliant on stimulants to get through the day. We can help you.

Diving into What’s Really Occurring

A big part of medication abuse treatment is understanding what’s really happening. For some people, there are unresolved traumas or mental health conditions, limiting their ability to heal and overcome their addiction. We use a variety of strategies to help you. This may include evidence-based therapies and holistic care.

During the detox process, you may benefit from medications designed to help reduce any pain or discomfort you feel from withdrawal. You will also be able to start working on family relationships, physical health improvement, and restoring your self-confidence. No matter why this type of drug abuse has happened to you, if you see these signs of medication abuse in your life, it’s time to get help that will change and save your life.

Choosing to Get Help Is Possible When You Call Serenity Light Recovery

If you or a loved one is struggling with medication abuse, our team can help you. We provide the types of support you need to realize there is a way forward without drug abuse being a part of your life. Reach out to the compassionate addiction counselors at Serenity Light Recovery to learn more about what we offer and how you can get help. Call 855.658.6109 today.