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Holidays are often a difficult time for those recovering from drug or alcohol addiction. The party atmosphere of many holiday gatherings encourages drug or alcohol use, which can be tempting for those with substance use disorder. As July approaches, people are preparing for fireworks and parties associated with the fourth of July. However, with the following tips and a relapse prevention plan, you can have a sober fourth of July.

Make a plan

Without a plan firmly in place, you’re given to chance. In other words, your night is “up for grabs.” Whatever happens, may feel like it is out of your control. Friends may have alcohol or recreational drugs on hand, and the temptation may prove too great for you. Furthermore, some people get lonely or depressed without a plan, too.

By creating a plan for the evening, you can prevent any negative things from happening as well as warding off loneliness. You could have dinner with a few friends and watch the fireworks at a family-friendly location, or stay home and have over supportive friends.

Enlist support

It’s always a good idea to gain the support and help of others in your recovery efforts. If you know you are going to have a difficult time when the fourth of July comes, then be prepared. Let your loved ones know in advance so they can be with you. When a support system surrounds you, you gain strength and stamina to persevere during challenging times.

Practice prevention

A comprehensive relapse prevention plan is another critical component of your plan for the fourth of July. Part of being successful and staying on the path of recovery is to have a plan for prevention. Here are some relapse prevention ideas you can implement:

As you become a part of a recovery community, you’ll gain strength to overcome the challenges of each passing year.

Ready for a Sober Fourth of July?

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Spend a sober fourth of July this year and discover the joy of your new life. You can overcome addiction by connecting with a drug treatment center. Contact us at 855.658.6109, and we’ll get you on the road to recovery.