Therapyyoga pose during class

Surrender is a word that I love to talk about in yoga class, but it’s not a very popular word in the mainstream. It conjures thoughts of losing a battle or becoming powerless. It can bring up issues of losing control. It’s a concept that’s hard to picture as a practical application in our lives. Yet if we can learn to surrender – to surrender ourselves to something greater – the doorway to true peace and freedom begins to open for us.

“In recovery many of us have experienced the process and need to surrender over and over; sometimes it is the same issue, sometimes the same subject in a different form. A tool in being able to ‘turn it over’ is to revitalize and align ourselves with our faith, bringing awareness over and over again to the issue, letting go. Our ego, our will, may reassert itself time and time again. The more we are able to let go, the closer we are to our divine self and our Higher Power.” – Yoga and the Twelve-Step Path

There are several yoga asanas (poses) which invite the opportunity to surrender yourself to your Higher Power. Below you see Kristina, Corey, Sally and Heather all surrendering to their Higher Power during their yoga practice here at Serenity Light Recovery.

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