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Completing a stay in rehab is a monumental step for those working to overcome addiction. However, trying to stay on the right path is often difficult. How do you go about functioning without getting drawn into your old lifestyle? Use these tips for staying sober as a way of keeping you focused on your health and well-being.

Build Up a Solid Support System

Start building connections to people who have your best interests in mind. That may involve shedding acquaintances who do not support your new lifestyle. You should also look for support groups in your area that can help you when you find yourself tempted to start using again.

Having a reliable system of support is one of the best tips for staying sober. You do not want to leave yourself in a place where there is no one to turn to when you are feeling low. Recovery is a process that lasts a lifetime, so a strong foundation is essential to maintaining a clean and sober lifestyle.

Create Realistic Personal Goals

Another essential tip for staying sober is to avoid setting yourself up for failure. Do not set lofty expectations on what you wish to achieve in sobriety. Trying to do too much and failing could lead to a potential relapse and back into substance abuse treatment. Instead of saying you are going to run a marathon in two weeks, start with a brisk walk around the neighborhood and work your way up.

Do the same thing when it comes to living a sober lifestyle. What can you realistically achieve in a week? A month? Where do you see yourself in a year? Break things down into small, maintainable steps. Do not beat yourself up if you stumble or suffer a setback. Sit down, reevaluate where you are, and refocus yourself. Learning how to manage victories and disappointments is essential to continue making positive progress in your journey.

Avoid Situations That May Trigger a Relapse

Being realistic about personal triggers is one of the most important tips for staying sober. If you used to drink yourself to oblivion every time you entered a bar, do not be afraid to say “no” when asked to hang out at one after work. Once you leave rehab, staying sober falls on your shoulders. You have the power to stay clean.

The first year of recovery is when you are at your most fragile. Do not get overconfident in your success and put yourself in a situation where you will end up drawn into old habits. It may be necessary to end friendships with people who continue in a lifestyle of which you no longer wish to take part.

Face Your Problems

Learning to face up to your troubles is a great tip for staying sober. Working through the problems that crop up in life is an important step for those in recovery.

Pay your parking tickets instead of letting the fines build to the point where they strain your financial resources. Complete the assignment for class versus leaving it until the last minute and discovering you do not have the resources necessary for completion. By dropping your neglectful habits, you keep minor situations from exploding into something major.

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