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Meditation and other mindful practices are being widely used for their effectiveness in addiction treatment. Associated with reduced cravings and relapse prevention, holistic treatment programs that include meditation are increasingly available at reputable rehab facilities like Serenity Light Recovery.

During meditation, the mind clears and relaxes. As we remain fully alert and awake, our focus turns inward, not to the outside world or any events happening around us. We become singularly aware of our thoughts, feelings, and physical responses, accepting them without judgment and releasing attachment to them. According to Ronald Alexander, holistic psychotherapist, and public speaker, “Mindfulness meditation practice is the process of creating new neural networks for self-observation, optimism, and wellbeing. As a result, our self-awareness and mood stability increase as our harsh judgments of others and ourselves decrease.”

People in recovery who practice meditation and other holistic modalities have much better outcomes. Among its many holistic treatments, Serenity Light Recovery offers meditation therapy; if you are interested in learning more, simply use our online form to contact our team or call 855.658.6109.

Meditation for Addiction Recovery

The health benefits of meditation are many. Rooted in a very old Buddhist practice, mindful meditation is increasingly widespread due to its proven effects on general health and dealing with particular mental, psychological, and physical challenges.

Meditation transforms the mind through stillness and the practice of paying deliberate attention—for example, to the breath. This simple technique reduces anxiety, depression, and insomnia; improves mood, attention, and focus; mitigates fear; increases motivation; and much more.

Benefits of Meditation

Specific benefits of meditation in addiction recovery include its positive effect on:

  • Mental health – Meditation lessens the symptoms of mental health challenges that co-occur with addiction and has an overall beneficial effect on the mental well-being of people who struggle with substance abuse. Meditation can reduce anxiety, depression, and insomnia, all of which make recovery more difficult.
  • Self-control – The ability to accept what is happening now, and tolerate, or even embrace, whatever that is, allows people with addiction to make gradual and impactful changes in their lives. That present-moment mindset is a primary effect of meditation. Letting go of outcomes and control leads to the acceptance that willpower alone is not enough and seeking help is a vital step.
  • Self-confidence – Self-awareness and optimism grow with a meditation practice, and these directly enhance confidence.

Meditation and other mindfulness-based therapies help people heal from the inside, see clearly, accept with humility, and release what does not serve them. Mindful meditation’s many positive outcomes make it increasingly available in therapeutic settings, general wellness communities, and addiction treatment. During rehab at a treatment center and throughout a lifetime of recovery, the practice relieves withdrawal symptoms, cravings, and susceptibility to triggers while offering a long list of other mental and physical health benefits.

Meditation at Serenity Light Recovery

Meditation and recovery go hand in hand. At Serenity Light Recovery, our holistic treatment center offers numerous wellness-centered therapies to support the overall rehab process. Meditation is a vital part of that holistic approach.

Using meditation in your rehab journey, you will learn to synchronize mind and body for increased connection and awareness. Meditation will enhance your quality of life, mindset, and mood, as you develop a practice that will help you maintain your sobriety throughout your life as well as providing countless additional benefits.

For more information about meditation and recovery and our holistic treatment center, call Serenity Light Recovery today at 855.658.6109 or use our convenient online form. Our compassionate staff will answer your questions and can get you started on your recovery as soon as you are ready to take that first step.