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Many types of drugs are available to people who look for them. Because of the sheer number of drugs, it can be difficult to keep track of them all. Some of the most deadly types of drugs are synthetic drugs. However, what are synthetic drugs, and what makes them so dangerous?

What Are Synthetic Drugs?

Also called designer or artificial drugs, synthetics are human-made substances. People use various, and often poisonous, chemicals to recreate the effects of natural drugs. For example, they might make synthetic drugs that imitate the effects of cannabis and cocaine.

However, these chemicals are dangerous and can be very addictive. In many cases, the chemicals are poisonous to the human body. In fact, there are cases in which people overdose after using artificial drugs only once.

Why Are So Many Synthetic Drugs Legal?

When talking about synthetic drug addiction, a major argument that comes up is the legality of designer drugs. Many people argue that they’re safe because they’re legal to buy. In fact, some people can visit a local gas station to buy synthetic drugs.

However, the ability to do this isn’t because the drugs aren’t dangerous. The reason is that the makers use chemicals that the government hasn’t or is unable to ban. Even when the government does ban the chemicals, the makers change the drugs. They use different chemicals so that they can legally sell them again.

Another trick that people use is to label the drugs as “not for human consumption” or “plant food.” Now the stores can sell them because they aren’t selling them for human use. Despite that, those who look for these drugs know these tricks.

Artificial Drugs Mask What They Are

What are synthetic drugs? Most of the time, people who use fake drugs don’t even know. The reason is that they don’t know for sure which chemicals are in them. These drugs can contain everything from antifreeze to drain cleaner and much more.

Also, these drugs contain different amounts of these ingredients. Just because people survive using one designer drug doesn’t mean that they’ll survive the next time that they use. After all, there’s no quality control for synthetic drugs.

What Are the Long-Term Effects of Designer Drugs?

No one knows for sure the long-term effects of using artificial substances. They’re relatively new to the world of illegal drugs. Also, few people who use them live long enough to see what happens to their bodies.

However, experts know that taking these drugs can cause many psychological problems. People who have taken them for extended periods of time tend to suffer from seizures and memory loss.

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