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When talking about substance abuse, most people envision someone using a drug. However, that’s often not the case. Rather, there’s typically a mix of chemicals going on. What is poly drug abuse, and how do you quit?

Who’s Most Susceptible to Abusing More Than One Drug at a Time?

Houston addiction treatment programs routinely work with clients who abuse multiple substances. Alcohol and opiate poly drug abuse are the most common ones. People who use with peers are the most likely to engage in the practice. When substance abuse becomes communal, passing around bottles along with pills isn’t uncommon.

Another group that’s more likely to abuse multiple drugs consists of long-time users. You might no longer succeed in deriving a high from a regular dose. That’s why you augment it with other mind-altering substances. It’s a clear sign of danger.

What is Poly Drug Abuse Like in Daily Life?

You regularly use purple drank. It’s the combination of codeine and antihistamine overdoses. Many people add soda as well as alcohol to the drink to boost its potency. It’s fair to say that lean is an example of opiate poly drug abuse.

Alcohol also plays a role with other drugs. For example, people coming off a cocaine binge will drink copious amounts of alcohol to lessen the side effects. However, this combination creates cocaethylene, which is yet another drug.

Young adults often combine opioid pain pills and alcohol. The alcohol boosts the sedative effect of the opioid. Many like the sensation of floating in and out of consciousness. Few understand that multi-drug use can be dangerous if not fatal.

Treatment for Multiple Dependencies

There’s no case so bad that a good-quality rehab center with a full continuum of care couldn’t address it. You start with detoxification. When dealing with opiate poly drug abuse, therapists help you stagger your withdrawal. Within a week to ten days, you overcome the physiological addiction.

Next, you work through residential rehab. What is poly drug abuse but a sign that you need to immerse yourself in a therapeutic setting? Addiction specialists put together a care protocol that suits your needs. Treatments include:

Due to the unique needs that someone with stimulant, alcohol, or opiate poly drug use experiences, residential care is necessary. You heal at your own pace. Program participants may stay 30, 60, or 90 days at the facility.

After that, they frequently step down to an intensive outpatient treatment program. It eases you into the transition home. From there, you commit to participating in the aftercare program.

So, what is poly drug abuse? When you work with Serenity Light Recovery at 855.658.6109, it’s your opportunity to heal. Every addiction is different. We know that each client needs treatment that works best for them. There is no one-size-fits-all cure for addiction. We want to make sure you can continue to live your life drug-free once you leave our doors. Get the help you need today