12 StepAddictionTherapywhat is polysubstance abuse?

Polysubstance abuse normally involves the use of multiple drugs and whether in conjunction with or without prescription medicine for nonmedical purposes. It is an extension of polydrug usage, which refers to the abuse of multiple illicit substances. So, what is polysubstance abuse and how can the 12 step program in Houston TX help?

What is Polysubstance Abuse?

Polysubstance abuse is sometimes done unintentionally. Consider for instance when you take a few glasses of wine without remembering that you still have to take your prescription medication. You might also get multiple prescriptions from different doctors and take the medicine, oblivious of their negative interactions. As a precaution, it is generally recommended to inform your doctor of any prior prescriptions. What is polysubstance abuse dependence like? Consider the aspects described below.

Polysubstance Dependence

In medical terms, defining polysubstance abuse is referred to as the abuse of more than two drugs for a period of more than 12 months. One of its most common forms is the use of alcohol, marijuana, and tobacco, especially amongst teenagers. The diagnosis of polysubstance abuse considers the following symptoms of which three must be prevalent:

  • Withdrawal. Polysubstance abusers show signs of withdrawal when they stop using the drugs. The users may also use drugs to prevent withdrawal symptoms
  • Tolerance. A user increases the amounts of the drug they consume gradually as their potential to get high from normal or previous amounts decreases
  • Time. A user spends a majority of their time, studying, obtaining, using and recovering from the use of drugs
  • Uncontrollable usage. The inability of a user to stop using even when they try to. This includes excessive usage of drugs as opposed to the planned usage
  • Self-harm. A potential to cause physical or psychological harm to self as a result of the use of drugs but still, the user continues using
  • Interference with normal life. The user rarely spends time in recreational, social, family, or work duties as they have to use drugs

The 12 Step Treatment Program

The 12 step program Houston TX, is one of the numerous effective recovery methods championed by top therapists in the world. The main concepts of the program include 12 recovery procedures spanning a lifetime. It entails and long term recovery plan modeled in a group dynamic, making one enjoy support and acceptance from peers. This reduces the chances of loneliness that lead to relapses.

At Serenity Light Recovery Center, we facilitate this program as a part of a comprehensive treatment process for our long term clients. You can also expect the following from our addiction recovery facilitation:

Relapsing during a recovery period is easier when you fail to have a solid recovery plan. This is even more common when you suffer from polysubstance abuse as you have numerous triggers and access to a wide range of drugs. This is why you should consider a 12 step treatment program and other comprehensive recovery programs.

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