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Have you heard about the wine mom culture? It is the fashionable, trendy thing to do – have a glass of wine to manage the stress of being a mom. It seems harmless. Moms, stressed out from long days of endless “being a mom” struggles, often feel connected with other moms in the same boat. They share a glass of wine to get the break they need. Yet, there is a concern here. It is possible this is just an early sign of a larger and more serious problem that they are facing. If you are concerned about your loved one’s drinking habit, contact Serenity Light Recovery. We can help you if you are stuck in this difficult place.

What Is to Worry About with Wine Mom Culture?

The wine mom culture is the product of mommy blogs everywhere. There is no doubt that women who are at home with their children all day every day face one of the hardest jobs on the planet. What is concerning is the way this trendy way of dealing with stress has made it seem almost okay to drink alcoholic beverages with children around. More so, having a glass of wine can easily become a few glasses or even a few bottles over time. That is the area of concern many women need to have.

What Is Really Happening?

Women facing these incredible challenges often start by enjoying a glass of wine, usually after their partner is home to care for the kids. That glass of wine symbolizes a break or a way to mentally turn off after a long day of endless challenges. It Is not much unlike someone stopping for a few drinks with friends after a stressful day at work. In some situations, this may seem okay. When it happens daily and it feels like they absolutely need it to relax, that is where there is a concern.

When Does It Go Too Far?

A glass of wine does not equal addiction. However, with wine mom culture, it goes much further. Women who may be at a higher risk for developing an alcohol addiction may find that this simple glass of wine a day is enough to make that happen. More so, it does not solve the underlying problem – the stress, anxiety, and depression that comes from being stressed all day long without the support needed.

If you are facing these situations, it is time to find help. First, if wine mom culture has created a concern for your, and you are feeling the need to drink often and even more than just wine, it may be time to seek addiction help. Even if not, you may benefit from reaching out for care. Our team can help with a range of treatment options:

Wine mom culture can be very worrisome, especially when it takes hold of your health. It is important to get the right help that you need to fully recover.

Ready to Make Changes? Call Serenity Light Recovery

If wine mom culture is something you have been a part of, and you are ready to find help, turn to our team at Serenity Light Recovery. While it may seem okay to have a glass or two, not everyone should do so. That is where we come in. Our team is here to listen and provide you with the support you need. Feeding an addiction does not have to be your only way of stress relief. Call us today at 855.658.6109 to learn more. Get started on your road to recovery today.