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The basic idea behind working the 12 steps is to help those struggling with addiction to understand and overcome the disorder. Additionally, it is meant to offer social support to clients through other people who have the same problem. The 12 steps are a spiritual foundation that was initially formed by Alcoholic Anonymous. It is not only meant to help the alcoholics but also their friends and relatives.

Understanding and Working the 12 Steps

The following are the 12 steps that you can explore in-depth to understand how others have utilized the principles to gain insights, strength, and hope in life, and celebrate recovery meeting in Houston.


The first step is usually to admit that someone is powerless over alcohol and that life has become unmanageable. That applies to the alcoholics, friends, and relatives.


Believing that power, which is higher than us, can restore sanity to one’s lives.


Deciding to surrender one’s life to a higher power (God)

Soul searching

A complete and honest inventory of one’s self. In this step, people are told to write down their fears, negative thoughts, resentments, and issues that make them hard to connect with others.


Accept failures, shortcomings, and mistakes done to God and others. Here, clients share what they wrote in the previous step with someone that understands and who can make them believe that they are not alone.


In this step, clients allow God to take away all the defects in their life


Here, the clients humbly ask the higher power to remove their moral failures.


In this step, clients come up with a list of all individuals that they have harmed. It is also accompanied by being ready to make amendments. As a result, someone gets an understanding of how addiction has affected their loved ones.


Here, people tend to seek forgiveness from those they have wronged if doing so will not have any negative consequences.


Continue to do a personal inventory and admit whenever one sins.

Making contact

Enhance the connection with God through prayers and meditation.


This final step involves spreading the above principles to others struggling with addiction.

Benefits of Working the 12 Steps

The 12 steps program has got various benefits that one cannot lightly dismiss. Moreover, the overall Research has shown that it has benefited millions if not thousands of people. Some of those gains include:

  • It helps people overcome weakness and unmanageability
  • The program supports a client to identify and surrender to a higher power
  • It helps a person to know one’s self
  • The 12 steps program teaches a person to forgive others

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