As you seek options for rehab treatment, maybe you wonder about 12 step programs. Do you have to go to AA meetings for healthy recovery? What if you do not like these meetings and want an alternative for treatment? Many people share these questions and learn their answers to bring ease and openness to healing from addiction in rehab. After substance abuse treatment Houston offers, you’re ready to attend the AA meetings Houston TX provides.

Do I Have to Go to AA meetings?

an example of the AA meetings Houston TX providesAA meetings Houston TX offers are not the only pathway to recovery after alcohol addiction. But for many people, these meetings help bring the support and community needed for strong recovery. After all, no man or woman is an island. You need supportive people around you for your greatest life success, just as you need to help support others.

AA meetings take place within 12 step programs. These 12 step programs do not always fall under the name “Alcoholics Anonymous,” although they use the foundation of AA for success. AA developed the steps in the last century, so most people recognize that name. But rehabs coast-to-coast use these methods as another way to help you stay sober in treatment and at home.

AA meetings take place in virtually every community in the United States. This means that no matter where you go for the rest of your life in America, you gain access to support for your sobriety. You also benefit from the welcoming attitude of these groups that instantly make you feel like a real “member.”

In rehab, the 12 steps provide another method of building recovery and maintaining it, aside from other therapies and approaches. If you do not see your 12 step program as benefiting your recovery, you do not have to attend these meetings. But you certainly benefit from knowing they exist, should the time come for you to access them.

The 12 Steps in Your Rehab Treatment

Rehab treatment in an alcohol addiction treatment center includes a mix of therapies and approaches for your greatest success. This is true with Serenity Light Recovery in Angleton, Texas. At Serenity Light Recovery you learn about attending AA meetings Houston TX provides and how that supports your sobriety. You also attend individual counseling, group therapy, and family therapy as part of your rehab treatment.

Programs and therapies of your Serenity Light Recovery treatment include:

As you see from the above-listed approaches, your treatment at Serenity Light Recovery covers many aspects of yourself and your needs. In this treatment, you address your physical wellness, relationships, behavioral wellness, mental wellness, and support needs. But where the 12 step program provides even more significant benefit is after rehab. Because of your access to AA meetings Houston TX offers, your 12 step program prepares you for gaining full benefit from those support groups throughout the rest of your life.

The 12 steps also form a pattern in your recovery. You learn the steps and how to live a clean life from these proven methods. Then, coupled with AA meetings Houston TX provides, you use these steps from early recovery forward. If you find yourself heading toward relapse or experience a setback, you simply need to jump back into your steps and AA meetings.

Setting Yourself Up for Successful Recovery

Seeking recovery is not a path for only short-term success. Your best chance for lasting sobriety is in setting yourself up for long-term wellness. This means you need to heal your past, learn from your mistakes, build new skills and maintain positive support around you. Much of this is accomplished in rehab and beyond, with the help of your therapies and the 12 steps.

Learn more about AA meetings and the support you need beyond rehab to fully benefit from your recovery. All of that support starts building during your rehab treatment. Contact Serenity Light Recovery in Angleton, Texas now at 855.658.6109.