Narcotics Anonymous (NA) is a program that focuses on the 12 steps like Alcoholics Anonymous (AA) does. Through NA meetings, individuals can receive help during and after rehab. Many people continue going to these meetings for the rest of their lives because this support helps them remain sober.

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How NA Meetings Work

Whether someone is looking for NA or AA meetings in Houston, TX, there are plenty of options available. This kind of 12-step program is for those who want to maintain a healthy, drug-free lifestyle. Since millions of people have gone through an addiction, there are local meetings available on a daily basis in most cities in the United States.

The entire goal of NA meetings is to help clients get the support they need to stay sober. NA started in 1953. Since that


early beginning, it has spread to 139 countries. Now, there are more than 67,000 meetings in local areas.

NA meetings do not focus on any specific drug. Instead, they are a safe place that anyone can go to who wants help becoming clean. Within the meeting setting, you can expect the following:

  • Individuals can share about their successes and challenges in recovery
  • You’ll get to know others who are working to overcome addiction
  • You’ll connect with a sponsor who will provide support

No one has to do any part of NA unless it is their choice. NA meetings are open to everyone. People can choose to attend meetings whenever they want to. As the name suggests, NA meetings are always anonymous. Everyone who goes to a meeting knows that no one present will ever share what they say publicly. This simple rule is important because it helps people relax and open up about their feelings and experiences.

What Happens in NA Meetings?

People are often nervous about going to their first NA meetings. Thankfully, everyone in the room has experienced the same feeling. These meetings are a safe, supportive place that is extremely welcoming for newcomers. Since local members run the meetings, they can vary a little bit from place to place.

In general, the meetings will generally focus on speakers or an open discussion. When the meeting has a speaker, one person shares their personal experiences. Meanwhile, meetings with a discussion format involve sharing experiences and listening to everyone in the room. NA does not require anyone to speak up, but everyone has a chance to get feedback from group members if they want to.

If the individual is at their first meeting, they may introduce themselves at the beginning. Then, the individual just has to listen to other members. Only one person can speak at a time, so individuals have to wait their turn attentively until someone else finishes speaking.

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Houston addiction therapy services offer many options for treating substance abuse disorders. NA meetings are a popular option because they are so effective. Many NA members discover that these meetings provide them with hope, understanding, and support as they begin their recovery.

Because of how useful NA meetings are, many rehabs and treatment centers offer this option. At Serenity Light Recovery, clients can also find other treatment options such as:

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