Cognitive-behavioral therapy helps you achieve recovery and maintain it after treatment. This short-term therapy technique helps you change your behavior by changing how you think. The practice works based on the awareness that how we think and see the world around us influences our behaviors and feelings.

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Cognitive-Behavioral Therapy in Addiction Recovery

cognitive-behavioral-therapyCognitive-behavioral therapy (CBT) works to help you improve awareness of your thoughts and actions, as well as their consequences. In this therapy process, you learn about your reasons for turning to alcohol or drugs. You also gain an understanding of the role that substance abuse played in your life.

One way that CBT can help those in recovery change their lives is by helping them identify flawed patterns of thought. These imperfect thoughts include ways of thinking about yourself, your future, and the world around you. You see things negatively, making daily life management harder. These flawed ways of thinking include:

  • Thinking of things as “all or nothing”
  • Overgeneralizing, in using one bad event to feel defeated in everything
  • Dwelling on negatives
  • Discounting your positive thoughts or experiences
  • Jumping to conclusions

Specialized behavioral therapy helps you change your thoughts to positive thinking. By thinking positively, you see the world around you in more positive ways and start behaving positively, too.

Co-Occurring Conditions and Addiction

When it comes to addiction, many people also suffer from co-occurring conditions like depression, anxiety, bipolar disorder, or PTSD. Treatment professionals call this a dual diagnosis, one of two or more health problems occurring at once.

Many people start abusing substances to escape their mental problems or avoid feeling the symptoms. CBT helps your therapist identify these conditions and treat them along with your substance abuse disorder.

Your therapy treats the root causes of your addiction and helps you prevent relapse. Your therapist works as your teacher, helping you understand your symptoms, diagnosis, and treatment methods. The therapist also acts as your teammate, helping you understand the importance of following through with your treatment for a better life.

A Typical CBT Session

You meet with your therapist for 45 minute or hour-long sessions. In these sessions, you discuss your past week’s irrational thoughts, stress, and negative behaviors. The therapist helps you see your negative thoughts and beliefs. At the same time, you learn positive coping skills to help you overcome challenges.

Cognitive-behavioral therapy immediately helps you in your life. It also helps you better handle future stress, improve your behaviors and gain greater well-being.

Cognitive-behavioral therapy also involves other methods, such as relaxation training to reduce stress and anxiety. You learn assertiveness for healthier relationships. You also learn to understand yourself better through improved self-monitoring. Finally, this therapy helps you think more positively through cognitive restructuring.

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