Dual diagnosis treatment plays a huge role in helping men and women overcome addiction. People very rarely suffer from one mental issue at a time. Once the brain develops a mental condition, it’s easy for it to develop another. The solution is a dual diagnosis treatment center Houston offers that can treat multiple conditions at the same time.

What Is Dual Diagnosis Treatment?

woman in need of the dual diagnosis treatment center Houston trustsIt’s important for people to understand what dual diagnosis services offer entirely. They allow rehab centers to treat disorders that occur together. Addiction itself is a mental disorder. Some conditions that commonly co-occur with it include anxiety, bipolar disorder, and depression.

Keep in mind that it doesn’t matter which disorder comes first. Some people develop addition because they turn to drugs and alcohol for relief from an underlying mental disorder. Others develop a mental disorder because of drug and alcohol abuse. In either case, they have to overcome both disorders to beat addiction.

Rehab Centers in Houston Offer Dual Diagnosis Programs

Houston is a great place to search for dual diagnosis treatment. A dual diagnosis treatment center Houston can start people down the road to long-lasting recovery. Since these programs address both the addiction and underlying disorders, they’re less likely to relapse.

In general, Houston rehab centers start with dual diagnosis programs. These programs work on uncovering the underlying issues. In many cases, it’s a mental disorder such as depression, anxiety or a personality disorder. Treatment is key to long-lasting recovery.

Do People Know That They Have Underlying Issues?

Most people don’t even know that they need a dual diagnosis treatment center Houston offers. Sometimes they know that there’s something wrong, but other times, they think that how they feel is normal. If they don’t know that they need help, it’s hard for them to ask for it.

In most cases, however, people can sense that something is wrong. Instead of seeking help, however, they try to take care of the problem themselves. This typically leads to drug and alcohol abuse to cover up their symptoms.

Unfortunately, all that drugs and alcohol do is numb the pain and feelings that people have. As soon as the drugs wear off, people go through these problems again. They have to continue to abuse the drugs to maintain the relief.

The only way to truly get over underlying mental disorders is to seek professional help. Dual diagnosis treatment is an excellent option for people who suffer from addiction and an underlying mental health illness. Rehab centers run tests to determine the type of conditions that they have and the help that they need. Then, they tailor the programs according to those needs.

Let Serenity Light Recovery Provide the Dual Diagnosis Treatment Center Houston Needs

Do you need to find a dual diagnosis treatment center Houston provides? If so, you can’t go wrong with the Houston addiction treatment programs that Serenity Light Recovery offers. We take great pride in helping you not only overcome addiction but also stay sober after you leave our facility. That’s why we also offer an alumni program of which you can take advantage.

At Serenity Light Recovery, our programs go well beyond dual diagnosis. We believe in providing a wide range of services that address your unique needs. In fact, we create unique treatment plans and goals for each person. Some of the unique programs that we offer include:

Don’t let living with co-occurring disorders keep you from living a normal life. Find out more about our dual diagnosis treatment center Houston needs. Reach out to Serenity Light Recovery today at 855.658.6109.