Care and treatment for mental health disorders used to be handled separately from drug and alcohol issues. People would have to go to different facilities and doctors to receive treatment. That meant those treated for substance abuse had underlying mental problems overlooked.

Mental health clinicians and addiction specialists now understand the close tie between the two. Facilities like Serenity Light Recovery provides co occurring disorders treatment program Houston to help people trying to heal from their issues.

What Is a Co-occurring Disorder?

The term “co-occurring” refers to the state where an individual may be suffering from a mental disorder and problems with substance abuse. That means a person with a heroin addiction could also be suffering from a mental health disorder like depression, bipolar disorder, or schizophrenia. Individuals with mental health disorders can also have a problem with alcohol.

co-occuring disorders treatmentMany in the field of mental health and addiction issues see co-occurring disorder treatment as a distinct field. It is estimated that around five percent of Americans suffer from a combination of mental health issues and substance abuse problems. The fact that one condition can be more severe than the other makes treatment more complicated.

What are the Signs of Co-Occurring Disorder?

People with co-occurring disorders may exhibit more severe forms of one condition. Mental health issues tend to make addiction problems worse and vice-versa. Someone with depression may resort to taking too much pain medication or resorting to street drugs to make themselves feel better.

Self-medicating with drugs like opioids or with alcohol can lead to intense cravings for both. Individuals want more as their tolerance builds, and their desperation grows to find the same level of relief they previously achieved.

It can be challenging to tell which condition predates the other. Mental health issues lead to a craving for some form of relief, which many do through substance abuse. Substance abuse can lead to feelings of depression or other mood disorders.

How Serenity Light Recovery Helps With Co-occurring Disorders Treatment

The co-occurring disorders treatment provided by Serenity Light Recovery helps clients deal with both sides of the condition. We offer detox services to help you come down safely from any substances in your system. Our staff, which includes nurses, psychiatrists, and an on-site physician, works directly with clients to understand their detox needs. Clients receive 24-hour monitoring to ensure their safety and recovery.

Our staff assesses each client to determine the best course of treatment. Those diagnosed with co-occurring disorders receive help in addressing issues like anxiety, underlying trauma, depression, bipolar disorder, eating disorders, and other mental health problems.

We also teach clients coping mechanisms to deal with substance abuse triggers they will face once they leave treatment. Our staff helps them work through the addiction side of their diagnoses and understand the impacts it had on themselves, their families, and the community.

The services provided by Serenity Light Recovery for co-occurring disorders treatment in our residential programs include:

  • Group Therapy
  • Family Therapy
  • Individual Therapy
  • 12-Step Program
  • Nutrition and Wellness Reviews
  • Meditation and Other Mindful Practices
  • Massage
  • Management of Medication
  • Treatment of Trauma

Clients can choose from a variety of living arrangements, including sharing a room with others or staying in private quarters. Those who prefer more freedom can also opt to participate in outpatient therapy services. The goal is to make sure our clients receive all help possible when it comes to co-occurring disorders treatment. We want clients to live a healthy life going forward.

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