At Serenity Light Recovery, we believe the journey of recovery should never be dark or dreary. For that reason, we provide a variety of holistic treatment options for our clients. Through new and exciting therapy options, our clients can discover new aspects of themselves while they go through treatment. One new therapy option our clients can enjoy is equine therapy. Working with horses can help clients learn more about themselves and gain confidence.

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What Is Equine Therapy?

young woman with her horse during equine therapyEquine therapy is also known as horse therapy or equine-assisted psychotherapy. Through this form of therapy, clients work on healing from the effects of addiction and developing healthy coping skills through interacting with horses. During therapy sessions, the client will participate in various activities while under the supervision of a mental health professional along with a horse handler. Activities can include:

  • Feeding
  • Grooming
  • Haltering
  • Leading

The handler will ensure the safety of both the client and the horse while the mental health professional will observe the interactions between the animal and the client. These interactions can help the staff member determine how clients process their feelings and thoughts while also identifying possible patterns in behavior. This information can help structure other psychotherapy sessions to ensure each client is getting the help they need.

Goals of Equine Therapy

The overall goal of equine therapy is to help clients continue to build and strengthen certain skills that will help them after they leave treatment. These include:

  • Self-control
  • Responsibility
  • Problem-solving
  • Accountability

Long-term recovery from addiction requires commitment and dedication. Equine therapy is just one of the many therapies that might be part of your personalized treatment plan. At Serenity Light Recovery, we’ll help you work through the underlying cause of addiction like trauma or mental health issues and find your inner motivation for recovery.

The Benefits of Equine Therapy

While many addiction therapy services provide benefits, equine therapy offers benefits through a unique experience. These benefits can include improvements in the following skills and areas:

  • Independence
  • Problem-solving skills
  • Emotional awareness
  • Social responsibility
  • Assertiveness
  • Self-actualization

Clients achieve these benefits because of the temperament of the animals they work with. Horses are calm animals that can help clients feel at ease. Clients are also more likely to be more free and open with their emotions when they feel comfortable in their surroundings. Working with horses during equine therapy can also help clients and their therapists identify the cause of negative behaviors, thoughts, or feelings that lead to addiction.

For some clients, speaking in front of others causes stress and anxiety. Fear of judgment or criticism often prevents people from discussing their past experiences. When working with animals, people no longer have those apprehensive feelings. Clients are more likely to speak with their therapists and even their peers after spending time caring for the horses.

Serenity Light Recovery

Serenity Light Recovery is here to help clients reach the light at the end of the tunnel that is their addiction. By providing a range of addiction treatment programs and therapies like equine therapy, our team works to give each client their best chance. Some of the addiction treatment services and therapies we offer include:

  • 12- step program – Programs like Alcoholics Anonymous can help you maintain your sobriety even after leaving treatment
  • SMART recovery – You’ll connect with others during group sessions and find the support you need
  • Dual diagnosis – If you’re struggling with both substance abuse and mental health issues, this approach can help

To learn more about equine therapy and how to begin your journey, contact Serenity Light Recovery by calling 855.658.6109 today.