It often takes more than traditional therapy to help people fully recover from addiction. Sometimes it takes holistic treatment options such as exercise. For that reason, combining exercise and addiction recovery works well. In fact, it’s beneficial during and after rehab.

What Is Exercise Therapy?

young woman taking a drink of water as she pairs exercise and addiction recoveryThe term “exercise therapy” often sounds more complicated than it is. However, it just refers to using exercise to get through withdrawal and support the healing process.

Exercise and addiction recovery have a long history together. Unlike other holistic treatment methods, rehab has included exercise for years in the United States. The reason is that doctors have known its benefits for a long time.

When people engage in exercise therapy as part of addiction treatment, they don’t have to participate in high-impact exercises. The great thing about it is that rehab center staff members can customize the exercises to fit people’s fitness levels. As a result, exercise therapy is a great option for nearly anyone.

Exercise and Addiction Recovery After Rehab

In general, people don’t realize that addiction recovery doesn’t end with rehab. This disease is chronic, so they have to manage their whole lives. With the right training and proper support after rehab, though, they can live as normal. Developing coping skills, such as hobbies, is one of the keys to managing addiction.

Exercise is a great option for people who need a healthy hobby. It not only makes them feel good but also demands their focus. Doing any form of exercise generates a sense of pleasure because it releases endorphins in the brain. These endorphins can curb drug cravings for those who struggle with them.

Benefits of Exercise Therapy

What makes exercise so good for people who are in rehab? The main reasons are its effectiveness and benefits.

The first and most obvious benefit is that it reduces stress. Once again, it’s the release of endorphins that produces this benefit. Since the chemicals produce a sense of pleasure, they curb stress and make people feel good about themselves.

While people no longer have access to some services after rehab, exercise isn’t one of them. They can exercise any time that they want whether or not they’re in rehab. Because of that, exercise and addiction recovery are a perfect match.

Also, exercise and addiction recovery go hand in hand because exercising promotes better sleep cycles. Getting a good night of rest is an important part of every addiction recovery plan. The reason is that the released endorphins regulate the hormones that manage sleep.

Some studies even suggest that exercise can restore brain cells that intense drug use damages. Experts say that they have to do more research on this matter. However, the fact remains that exercising is a healthy practice in all cases.

Serenity Light Recovery Can Show You the Benefits of Exercise

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