Are you struggling with addiction? Or are you watching helplessly as a loved one grapples with family therapythis serious problem? Either way, drug and alcohol abuse has far-reaching effects. While only one person in the family may be struggling, everyone around them feels the impact. Addiction treatment can restore not only a person’s health but their family bonds as well. Discover how family therapy at Serenity Light Recovery can help your family begin to heal.

Addiction Affects More Than One Person

Drug and alcohol abuse makes people think they’re alone in the world. They believe their family members don’t understand or support them and might be tempted to hide their behavior or isolate themselves from loved ones.

However, many loved ones don’t know what to do to help their family member who’s abusing drugs and alcohol. They often feel sad and helpless. They may also be frustrated and upset about the toll addiction has taken on all of their lives. Resentment and anger are common.

Participating in family therapy, both during and after rehab, can be very beneficial for everyone involved. Addiction damages connections, but a family therapy program can repair them.

The Need for Family Therapy in Addiction Treatment

Once a person enters treatment, they begin the hard work of getting to the root of their substance abuse. They’ll take part in individual and group counseling as part of treatment. Serenity Light Recovery’s family therapy program can help families:

  • Learn how to communicate effectively
  • Discover how to best support their loved one in recovery
  • Establish boundaries to promote long-term sobriety

When drug and alcohol abuse enters the picture, family dynamics often change a great deal. Addiction creates chaos and stress. Instead of the peaceful home that used to exist, the environment may harbor tension and arguments.

Children especially can begin to feel unsafe and vulnerable. They may feel stressed and anxious. Some family members will withdraw to avoid the drama, while others will take on more responsibilities and may break under all the pressure.

Even when a user makes the courageous choice to enter rehab and work on healing themselves, a family therapy program is often necessary to heal everyone that addiction has touched.

Bringing Your Loved Ones Back Together in Family Therapy

Treating someone with an addiction is crucial to creating a real future for that person. It’s also essential to repair the broken bonds that addiction causes with a family therapy program.

When all affected family members participate in family therapy, each person can express how the addiction impacted them. Everyone can also work to forgive—not only the user but themselves if they feel guilty about enabling or not being supportive.

With help from a therapist, you all can improve your communication. Your loved ones will learn how they can support you in recovery and avoid codependent behaviors.

In time, each member in your family unit can heal from the damage addiction caused. Together, you all can experience a healthier, happier future.

Hope, Light, and Recovery

Are you tired of being stuck in a cycle of drug and alcohol abuse, but don’t know how to break free? The compassionate team at Serenity Light Recovery offers you hope for an addiction-free life. We’re an addiction treatment center resting on ten beautiful acres in Angleton, Texas.

The addiction treatment programs we offer include:

A brighter future is waiting for you when you leave drug and alcohol abuse in the past. Reach out to us today at 855.658.6109 to find out how a family therapy program can help you and your loved ones.