evidence of an effective group therapy programWhen you want recovery from drug or alcohol addiction, you need a mix of therapies. These therapies help you understand your addiction. They also give you coping skills, support, and strength for ending your substance abuse. Some of your most important breakthroughs take place in a group therapy program.

About Group Therapy

As you can tell by its name, group therapy takes place with a number of people in one session. This group includes your peers in rehab or recovery, those traveling the same path as you do each day. Since you face similar issues, you learn how to overcome hurdles in recovery for your best possible future.

“Group” provides a safe place to share your experiences. This controlled atmosphere includes the guidance of a counselor or therapist, one setting goals for each session. Through those goals and your sessions, you learn about your disorder and even your own ways of interacting with other people.

Benefits of group therapy include:

  • Support and companionship
  • Communication
  • Insight
  • Accountability

How a Group Therapy Program Can Help You Grow

The support you gain in a group therapy program takes you out of the loneliness of addiction. Instead of isolating during this important time in rehab, you start bonding with others again. This breaks the cycle of isolation and loneliness that keep you locked in substance abuse. At the same time, you provide this support for the others in your group.

Because you naturally isolated yourself in addiction, you experienced little communication with others before going into rehab. In rehab your sobriety makes you want human relationships with open communication.

In group therapy, you practice your long-unused healthy communication skills. You even learn new ones. Group provides a place without judgment, so you feel free to be open and honest.

When you faced daily substance abuse or your cycle of addiction, you felt overwhelmed. In group therapy, you have clarity of sobriety. But you also gain others’ perspectives about issues you share. This feedback gives you insight into yourself, how you interact with others, how others perceive you and your life problems, in general.

Accountability for your actions and behaviors begin in rehab. For far too long you let yourself down, in addition to hurting people around you. With your peers at your side in a group therapy program, you gain reinforcement and strength. This comes from the group’s natural mentality of “we’re all in it together.”

When you face problems that put you on the path to relapse, your peers hold you accountable for your sobriety. Knowing your group members expect you to work hard toward staying clean, you feel inspired and strengthened by this accountability. You also know that relapse means you must face your group and their disappointment. If you do regress, the group helps you get back up and take on sobriety again.

Finding Your Group at Serenity Light Recovery

Many people go into addiction treatment feeling it is punishment for their addiction. But in your group therapy program, you learn that rehab is not punishment. It’s actually one of the most essential and inspiring times of your life. In group therapy, you feel acceptance and support you long missed during substance abuse.

In Houston addiction treatment programs your group awaits. At Serenity Light Recovery in Angleton, Texas you join your peers in addiction treatment, growing together toward lasting recovery.

The addiction therapy services offered at Serenity Light Recovery include:

To find the light you seek to lead you toward healthy recovery, call Serenity Light Recovery at 855.658.6109. With the support of your peers and counselors in rehab, you can gain lasting recovery. So call Serenity Light Recovery now.