Addiction to alcohol and other substances is a disease that affects the whole person physically, mentally and spiritually. The Hazelden model provides the humane and effective treatment that clients deserve. If you or someone you love want to take back your life and find lasting healing and recovery, learn more about this innovative approach.

What is the Hazelden Model?

man participating in the Betty Ford Hazelden Model or Minnesota ModelBack in 1949 when the Betty Ford Hazelden model began, prospects were grim for people severely addicted to alcohol and other substances. Institutionalization in prison or a locked mental ward and poverty seemed to be their only choices. In that year, the Hazelden Foundation opened its first “guest house” for alcoholic men. It operated on principles that remain the gold standard for recovery centers today. Clients were expected to behave responsibly, attend 12-step meetings, interact with peers, make their beds and remain sober. In other words, they needed to take care of daily routine tasks, support others, tell their story and stay clean. These deceptively simple rules were clinically based and set the Minnesota Model apart from the other forbidding choices available to alcoholics and addicts.

Principles of the Betty Ford Hazelden Model

Over the next few years, the philosophy of the Betty Ford Hazelden model solidified and gained traction. It included the following ideas:

  • Alcoholism and addiction should receive treatment as primary illnesses
  • Alcoholism and addiction are diseases that are involuntary
  • Addiction affects the client physically, mentally and spiritually

Today, practitioners in the Betty Ford Hazelden model include a wide spectrum of professionals including counselors, physicians, psychologists, clergy and social workers. They use a wide variety of evidence-based addiction and behavioral therapies to help their clients find healing and recovery. One of the chief strengths of the Hazelden Model is its flexibility and the willingness of its practitioners to evaluate and embrace new treatments as they become available.

How Serenity Light Recovery Can Help

We are a full-service drug and alcohol recovery facility located in Angleton, Texas. As firm proponents of the Minnesota model, we commit to bringing light and hope to each of our clients during their recovery process. Those who come to our residential program can expect the following services:

  • A complete evaluation that includes physical, mental and addiction history
  • Fully supervised medical detox therapies if necessary
  • Evidence-based individual and group behavioral therapies
  • Tranquil surroundings on 10 beautiful acres
  • Family counseling and transitional support to maximize the success of long-term recovery
  • Activities to promote wellness and well-being that include yoga and physical fitness

As advocates of the Minnesota model, our doctors, mental health professionals, and other staff members recognize that drug or alcohol abuse is not something you choose to continue to do. Instead, it is a disease not all that different from physical conditions like cancer or diabetes that require consistent and ongoing treatment. Throughout your time in our residential or intensive outpatient programs, you will be treated with respect. You will also need to adhere to the rules of your treatment. Recovery is a serious and difficult task that demands your total commitment and hard work, a fact that the Minnesota model recognizes.

Addiction doesn’t care if you are a world-renown celebrity like Betty Ford or just a regular man or woman. Unless you take steps to stop it in its tracks, it will invade every corner of your life. Let the Hazelden Model experts at Serenity Light Recovery walk with you as you begin your recovery journey. Call us today at 855-658-6109.