man enjoying massage therapyWhen you first hear about receiving massage therapy in addiction treatment, this practice sounds “extra.” But the reality is massage helps you gain the recovery you seek. Massage is only one part of a complete rehab therapy program, but it enables you to find growth and other unexpected benefits.

Massage therapy offers many clear results, such as mental, physical and emotional relaxation. This reduces your risk of relapse and promotes healing, whether inside your rehab program or long after, at home. Below are more reasons for using massage as part of your individual treatment plan in addiction rehab.

Massage Therapy Increases Dopamine Production

Addiction changes your brain chemistry and how this vital organ works. Part of these changes involves dopamine, your pleasure chemical. When you abuse drugs or alcohol, those substances override your natural pleasures in life, robbing you of the ability to naturally produce your own dopamine. You stop feeling pleasure and must relearn how to get your brain back to chemical balance.

Dopamine is your natural good mood. When you do not have enough of this chemical in your brain, you feel depressive, moody and uninspired. You notice these feelings early in treatment, such as in detox or rehab. Many people even feel deeply negative and agitated.

Massage helps by naturally triggering your brain to produce the dopamine it needs. This helps your brain form new connections between pleasure and drug-free activities.

Reducing Your Stress in Rehab

Detox and rehab are stressful. You must do a lot of work on yourself, and some of this work involves stress and other negative feelings. This stress affects your body, mind, and spirit, raising your blood pressure, slowing digestion and weakening your immune system. You feel tense, tight or even jumpy.

Through massage, you release stress hormones to feel more relaxed. This occurs quickly and naturally while stimulating other benefits over the long term. Some of those far-reaching benefits of massage include lower blood pressure, improved blood flow and lower stress on your heart.

You feel mentally and physically refreshed after a massage. Your muscles relax and become more flexible. In many ways, you feel less weighted by your problems. Massage also helps you feel limber while managing pain.

One of the biggest threats to your recovery is stress. This relapse risk reduces with massage, through relaxation and better life balance. So massage becomes something not just relied upon in rehab treatment, but also back in your home community.

Mind-Body Connection and Self-Care

Massage can bring greater self-awareness. You experience stress in all parts of your physical being, so where your muscles are tightest is often surprising. This helps you form a better mind-body connection and desire to take better care of yourself. In the process, the massage taps into your physical feelings, emotions, and spirituality.

Taking care of yourself keeps you healthy in recovery. So regular massages help you stay focused on self-care and listening to your body. When you feel the massage therapist working stress out of your muscles, this tells you that you experience more stress than you realize. It helps you understand your need for greater self-care, starting with examining why your body is so tense.

Massage Therapy in Angleton, Texas Rehab Treatment

In Angleton, Texas, Serenity Light Recovery lives up to its name by providing you with massage and other holistic treatment for your own serenity during this time of major life change. You benefit from massage in all of the above ways and more. Of course, massage is only one approach of many that put you on the right path for lasting recovery.

Addiction treatment programs and services of Serenity Light Recovery include:

  • Medical detox therapies
  • Holistic methods, such as massage, yoga, and fitness
  • Residential and IOP programs
  • 12 step program participation
  • CBT and EMDR behavioral therapies
  • Family programs and family therapy
  • Individual and group therapy

Learn more about how massage therapy helps you gain strong recovery by calling Serenity Light Recovery now at 855.658.6109. With Serenity Light Recovery’s help, you do have space for relaxation in your treatment and rehabilitation. So call now.