When dealing with the challenges of drug addiction, it’s important to use the tools and resources available to you. Whether it’s a drug treatment facility, therapy, or family support, you need all the positive boosts you can get. Research shows that those who seek treatment for substance use disorder will have greater success in keeping clean. One type of therapy regularly used in drug treatment centers is mindfulness based cognitive therapy. This therapy has proven effective in helping people transition from the negativity of drug addiction to the positive mindset of sobriety.

What is a Mindfulness Based Cognitive Therapy Program? 

Mindfulness based cognitive therapy is part of general cognitive therapy. To understand how mindfulness based cognitive therapy works, you first need to understand the cognitive behavioral therapy program.

woman with her eyes closed practices mindfulness based cognitive therapy

Understanding Cognitive Behavioral Therapy

Cognitive behavioral therapy is founded upon the principals that your thoughts, emotions, and behavior are all closely linked. Furthermore, your thoughts influence your emotions, which, in turn, motivate your behavior. Therefore, if you have flawed thinking about the world, yourself, or others, then this will affect your emotions and behavior. People establish negative thinking patterns at a young age. These negative and faulty thoughts lead people to have challenging emotions. Finally, the behavior follows the emotions. Some people do drugs or alcohol to numb out their emotions. However, if the wrong thinking is changed, then the behavior is easier to correct.

Cognitive behavioral therapy begins with the above-mentioned premise but works to help you change these negative thinking patterns. This is where the mindfulness based component of the therapy comes into play. Instead of the therapist using psychotherapy techniques, which means talking about it, he or she will implement mindfulness based techniques instead. These techniques are designed to counteract the negative thoughts and emotions. Some of the techniques include such things like yoga, meditation, deep breathing, relaxation, and so on.

Benefits of a Cognitive-Based Therapy

By participating in a mindfulness based cognitive therapy program, you are helping to change the core reason for doing drugs in the first place. This is a key factor in your recovery as well as relapse prevention. When you delve into the core factors for using drugs, then you can make substantial changes in your life. In other words, through therapy, you can make life changes instead of getting just a quick fix.

In addition, mindfulness based cognitive therapy is helpful for people in other parts of their life. You can use these techniques whenever you face difficult emotional challenges. For example, you may find that what you’ve learned in therapy can be applied to your relationships, on the job, and in your everyday life.

Introducing Serenity Light Recovery

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