SMART Recovery ProgramAddiction is a complex condition, and it impacts people differently depending on their health, their age, and their upbringing. That’s why there should also be a number of different ways to combat addiction. At Serenity Light Recovery, one option for clients is SMART Recovery. In our Houston recovery center, we create personalized treatment plans for every individual in our care. This type of therapy can help clients develop the healthy coping skills they need to avoid relapse. Take a closer look at this approach to determine whether it could be the right route for your sobriety.

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The Development of SMART Recovery

Addiction can be isolating. It’s easy to feel as though no one else understands what you’re experiencing as you battle cravings and compulsive behaviors. This is why having community on the road to recovery is so essential.

SMART is a relatively new approach to overcoming drug and alcohol abuse. It stands for Self-Management And Recovery Training. Its creation in 1992 made it the more modern approach to the traditional 12 step program of Alcoholics Anonymous. Those individuals who participate in SMART Recovery meetings will get help and support as they pursue sobriety.

The main headquarters of SMART Recovery is in Ohio. It is an organization that offers free meetings and help to participants, but it does sell literature and accept donations to help more people across the country. SMART philosophies come from the idea that addiction is not a disease. Instead, it is viewed as a dysfunctional habit, although those struggling with addiction are not considered to be at fault.

SMART Vs. The 12 Steps

There are many differences between SMART and a 12-step program. However, these two programs also have a lot in common. The biggest difference is that SMART Recovery is a secular program. Participants don’t need to accept that a higher power is in charge, and they don’t need to be religious or even spiritual.

The other major difference is that SMART views clients as agents of free will. While SMART concedes that some people are naturally more inclined to addictive behavior, they do not believe that it is beyond the realm of choice. If we view addiction as a behavior, not a condition, then clients are capable of change.

SMART ensures that participants don’t feel like victims. They are in control of their own lives and their own health. At the same time, participants are given the tools, support, and resources they need to change behavior and improve their quality of life.

SMART, Alcoholic Anonymous, and Narcotics Anonymous all embrace the local support group. Local facilitators, all who volunteer, run their SMART meetings. This local support is key to accountability, and many clients form lifelong relationships within these groups. At Serenity Light Recovery, SMART is an option for our clients who might not connect with the 12 steps.

SMART Stages of Change

Like the 12-step program, SMART Recovery has stages that clients work through chronologically. SMART boasts six stages of change, and clients can expect different exercises and support depending on where they are in the cycle.

These stages of change include:

  • Pre-contemplation – In this stage, clients might not realize they have a problem.
  • Contemplations – At this point, clients begin to acknowledge that they are struggling with addiction.
  • Preparation – This involves planning for recovery
  • Action – This is when clients reach out and begin to make substantial behavioral changes
  • Maintenance – This involves relapse prevention
  • Graduation – Clients are ready to move on and help others

The SMART Recovery Houston Trusts is at Serenity Light Recovery

Whether in a women’s rehab program or a men’s rehab program, SMART Recovery meetings can be incredibly helpful. At Serenity Light Recovery, clients can begin the SMART philosophy and even join in group meetings. Then, they can transition to local meetings in their area. Along with SMART meetings, clients at Serenity Light Recovery can expect the following Houston addiction therapy services:

We create personalized treatment plans for every individual in our care. SMART Recovery is just one of many effective methods of recovery you can find in our Houston addiction treatment programs. At Serenity Light Recovery in Angleton, Texas, you’ll get support, help, and care as you begin your journey to a better life. Call 855.658.6109 or connect with our team online to get started right away.