Few problems complicate your life like the symptoms and effects of PTSD. This post-traumatic stress disorder affects hundreds of thousands of Americans, even leading many to substance abuse. But you can end your addiction and regain control over your life through a quality PTSD treatment program. At Serenity Light Recovery in Angleton, Texas, caring professionals understand your struggles and know how to help you achieve a better life.

Why Does PTSD Often Lead to Addiction?

young man and female therapist participating in PTSD therapy in a PTSD treatment programSubstance abuse often starts in people dealing with trauma. The two conditions intertwine as part of a common dual diagnosis disorder of PTSD and addiction.

For most people with PTSD and addiction dual diagnosis, the substance abuse starts because they do not receive the early PTSD therapy they need. In PTSD therapy, you learn about your trauma, its effects on your life, and how to cope with your symptoms. Without this treatment, you suffer daily effects of your traumatic events, much like shock waves throughout your life. Abusing drugs or alcohol often helps soothe these symptoms at first, but later leads to bigger problems.

The truth for many people with these symptoms is that a PTSD treatment program turns life around. But sadly, without awareness of a PTSD treatment program, many of these people endure years of symptoms and negative life effects. Veteran substance abuse programs at Serenity Light Recovery provide the answers to PTSD and substance abuse, for renewed hope and healing. If you suffer PTSD and abuse drugs or alcohol to numb your symptoms, therapies of Houston addiction treatment programs can help you, too.

Therapies of a PTSD Treatment Program

When you suffer addiction and PTSD, you need a mix of quality therapies. These therapies help you learn how to cope with your trauma and daily life stress in healthy ways. You also gain some healing of your PTSD symptoms, for easier days ahead. All of this hope and healing take place at Serenity Light Recovery in Angleton.

Of course, to live a healthier life you must first end your substance abuse. So your PTSD treatment program starts in medical detox. Once you work through your withdrawal symptoms, you feel renewed and ready for PTSD therapy and other methods of rehab.

Therapies used at Serenity Light Recovery include:

Each of these therapies and methods offers unique ways of dealing with life stress, trauma, and addiction recovery. You learn to change negative behaviors in CBT, just as you reprocess your traumatic memories for fewer flashbacks and greater healing in EMDR. At the same time, your family learns about your conditions and their own needs in family therapy. You work together as a family unit to build healthier communication and tighter bonds in this therapy, too.

Using yoga and fitness in rehab treatment helps you rebuild your physical well-being after substance abuse and trauma changed you. Through these methods, you leave rehab feeling healthier, stronger and more vibrant than you have in years.

Putting Trauma Behind You through the Right Treatment

Everyone at Serenity Light Recovery understands your journey through trauma and substance abuse. They also know how to help you gain the healing you need to rebuild your life.

Treatment for PTSD and addiction at Serenity Light Recovery starts with medical detox and includes residential and intensive outpatient rehab programs. In these environments you gain the safety and serenity you have long needed, to start putting your trauma and its effects behind you.

You deserve real hope and happiness without the side effects of your past experiences. Contact Serenity Light Recovery now at 855.658.6109 to start your own path to healing in a PTSD treatment program.