In a yoga therapy program, you learn and use unique poses, breathing techniques, slow movements, and meditation to improve your overall health. Simply doing yoga provides many health benefits. But using the practice for drug or alcohol rehab helps you learn coping skills you use for the rest of your life.

Why a Yoga Therapy Program?

individual participating in a yoga therapy programYoga therapy provides a holistic method for addiction recovery. This therapy does not work to heal addiction on its own. But as part of a quality rehab program, yoga mixes well with a variety of other traditional and holistic methods.

Through a yoga therapy program, you gain healing of your mind, body, and spirit. It helps you improve cardiac and lung functioning. You also gain improvement in your muscles, digestion, tissue oxygenation, and nervous system functioning. At the same time, your yoga therapy program improves your psychological well-being.

We live stressful lives. But through yoga, meditation, and related practices, you gain skills for improving your quality of life. You see improvement in headaches, irritable bowel syndrome, blood sugar, bone density, and heart health. Even more important for someone in addiction treatment, yoga helps you cope with life struggles to prevent relapse.

Yoga Therapy Program as One Part of Your Individual Treatment Plan

The best method of treating addiction is through a mix of therapies following an individualized treatment plan. These therapies and other methods start in detox and continue throughout rehab. But once you leave rehab, many of your best programs end.

Yoga is different. You gain access to yoga almost anywhere you go these days, through community-based and fitness center programs. But even better, you can practice yoga learned in rehab alone, anywhere, anytime. You need no special equipment, other people, leader or attire. Yoga is a coping skill used for thousands of years, and you will use it, too.

A yoga therapy program in detox helps with symptoms of withdrawal. In rehab, it enables you to relieve your anxiety, cope with cravings, and fight depression. It also provides physical fitness, flexibility, and health improvement. With yoga, you think more clearly, feel more positive and gain access to social activities around other sober people.

Yoga works alongside other therapies and treatments for addiction recovery. These other therapies and treatments include:

  • Medical detox and rehab treatment
  • 12-step program
  • Cognitive behavioral therapy
  • EMDR therapy for trauma recovery
  • Fitness programs
  • Nutrition
  • Individual, group and family therapy

Many people start yoga feeling unfit and stressed. But soon, you gain benefits of seeing your physical improvement and feeling more relaxed throughout life. Yoga supports mindfulness and helps you live a more peaceful, fulfilling life.

Yoga Therapy In Angleton, Texas

Serenity Light Recovery provides a yoga therapy program along with other forms of treatment for drug and alcohol addiction. This yoga therapy program includes other methods of holistic treatment as part of quality Houston addiction treatment programs.

Serenity Light Recovery’s methods and therapies include:

  • Medical detox
  • Residential and IOP options
  • 12-step program
  • Individual and group therapies
  • Family therapy
  • Traditional, behavioral, and holistic methods

At Serenity Light Recovery you learn how to stop abusing drugs and alcohol to form a better life in recovery. This addiction treatment provides you with the life skills and coping skills needed to prevent relapse and build a brighter future. You can put drug and alcohol addiction behind you, using a yoga therapy program and other methods. Contact Serenity Light Recovery now at 855.658.6109 for more information about available programs.