When individuals have to grapple with the ongoing reality of addiction, it’s important for them to recognize that treatment options are available. By familiarizing yourself with distinct recovery modalities that can empower you to begin your life anew, you can get on the road to holistic health and productive living. One treatment modality that may be of benefit to you is a 30 day extended care program. Through this type of residential addiction treatment can provide numerous benefits.

What Is A 30 Day Extended Care Program?

young woman talking with her therapist in a 30 day Extended Care ProgramA 30 day extended care program is one of many Houston addiction treatment programs that a client can select. Other modalities include a 60 or 90 day program. Although every program is different, the 30 day extended care program will typically include some or all of the following:

The substance abuse test. This assessment will include detailed alcohol or drug use history along with an examination to determine any relevant mental health or medical issues.

Individual treatment plan development. This process involves the client working with a program professional to cultivate a customized plan for treatment to ensure that your unique needs are met. This helps the client know what they can expect over the next 30 days.

Detoxification. This part of the 30 day extended care program is immensely important because it involves removing toxic substances from the client’s body. The process can entail mild or extreme discomfort due to the onset of various withdrawal symptoms. By enrolling in a formal program, clients can gain access to tools like medications, psychological support, and medical monitoring to help alleviate the discomfort engendered by detoxification.

Therapy. There are multiple therapy modalities that a client can enroll in to optimize and expedite the treatment recovery process. Some counseling modalities include 12-step meetings, group therapy, and individual therapy.

Aftercare program. During the program, the client works directly with the therapist to develop a personalized aftercare plan. The plan could include 12-step meetings, sober living arrangements, and ongoing therapy.

Once the client successfully completes each component of the program and solidifies an aftercare plan, she or he will be discharged from the facility.

What Will A Typical Day In The Program Look Like?

Although every extended care program has its own unique components, a typical day might include some or most of the following:

  • Breakfast
  • Several hours spent in two or more distinct group therapy sessions
  • Lunch
  • Individual therapy session
  • Family therapy session
  • Dinner
  • Recreational time
  • Lights out

If you select a treatment facility such as Serenity Light Recovery, you’ll gain access to all of the following rehabilitation services:

  • Full medical detox
  • Residential treatment
  • 12 step programming
  • Family program
  • Yoga and fitness

This type of multi-faceted programming is important because it ensures that you’ll attain the type of holistic treatment formatting which helps you heal on a mental, physical, and spiritual level.

Serenity Light Recovery

Once people recognize that addiction is damaging, they should start searching for solutions. One of the most effective solutions for addiction is treatment in a supervised setting. Here, you receive the care you need under the watchful eye of professionals. When you think about which treatment facility would be ideal for you, be sure to consider Serenity Light Recovery. Contact Serenity Light Recovery at 855.658.6109, to begin with a 30 day extended care program.