young woman entering a 60 day Extended Care ProgramOne of the most difficult challenges that an individual can experience during life is an addiction. In addition to hampering self-esteem, drug dependence can detract from one’s social life while also impeding the individual’s ability to succeed vocationally. When an individual recognizes that the life choices and behavioral patterns that coincide drug addiction are creating an environment conducive to professional stagnation or mental and physical deterioration, it’s time to take action. In many cases, the secret to success with the recovery process is enrolling in a 60 day extended care program. Learn more about the world of drug dependence and how enrolling in a 60 day extended care program can empower you to change.

Drug Dependence 101

Drug dependence is a condition in which the individual is psychologically and physically reliant on an illicit substance. The substance can be anything from prescription medications to cocaine to heroin. When drug dependence is operative in an individual’s life, there are typically several distinct outcomes that will result. One is negative psychosomatic symptoms such as weight loss, hormonal imbalances, and impaired thinking.

The Need For Residential Addiction Treatment

Once an individual realizes that drug dependence is the life factor preventing them from attaining amazing levels of social, professional, or psychosomatic success, it’s time for them to do something about it. One of the best ways to end addiction and pursue a more productive, positive life is by enrolling in residential addiction treatment. In this setting, the individual will attain ongoing monitoring in conjunction with customized treatment services that facilitate mental, physical, and spiritual recovery. Without enrollment in Houston addiction treatment programs, individuals run the risk of devising their own recovery solutions or ignoring the reality of drug dependence.

Why Should I Choose A 60 Day Extended Care Program?

While many treatment modalities are available, note that the 60 day extended care program modality can be particularly beneficial. This is the case because remaining in a residential program for 60 days means that you have more time to absorb knowledge and utilize resources that are designed to facilitate real change. Research studies indicate that individuals who spend more time in treatment have better outcomes. Never underestimate the role that the 60 day extended care program can play in your rehabilitation process.

While a 60 day extended care program differs from other formats, there are some similarities between this modality other programs. For example, the program will typically include key services like intake, detoxification, and therapy. Note that a recovery facility such as Serenity Light Recovery offers services that can include:

An Important Point About Aftercare

One thing to consider when you search for a treatment facility is whether they feature aftercare services. Aftercare services are important because while residential services create results, clients will still require ongoing support to make recovery last. Aftercare programming can include a wide range of things, including relapse prevention strategies and outpatient follow up appointments.

Serenity Light Recovery

You don’t have to settle for a life of addiction. Instead, head towards the light of hope at Serenity Light Recovery. The team offers a wide range of services, solutions, strategies, and support systems for the recovery process. Contact Serenity Light Recovery at 855.658.6109 to learn more about their 60 day extended care program.